TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Kate Upton surprises teen who asked her to prom

Jake Davidson, 17, talks about the creative YouTube video he made to ask Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton to his high school prom, and gets the surprise of his life when Upton herself joins the conversation.

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>>> all right, this is big. we're back at :45, a creative gesture can go a long way when asking that special someone to the prom.

>> with that in mind 17-year-old jake davidson took to youtube to invite a person is " sports illustrated " swimsuit model to his prom.

>> hey, kate , jake davidson here in sunny los angeles inviting to you my senior prom may 23rd , 2013 . you are the ying to my yang. you like fun dining, i like fun dining. you're on the cover of " sports illustrated ." i read " sports illustrated ." kate , can i call you katie? we can ride around all night long, until 11:00 , that's my curfew. so kate , will you go to prom with me?

>> jake davidson from los angeles , good morning to you.

>> jake !

>> hi there. we can hear you now. it's perfect you're in hollywood. you had high production in the video. what made you decide to post this and are you hopeful kate upton might say yes?

>> i'm hopeful now she tweeted with a maybe, she'd check her schedule that would be fantastic. i always thought it would be cool to take -- the proment has been a big deal and i got the idea a couple months ago and it was more of a thought but last week i was talking to family friend, talia myers who made the video, she's at usc, we talked and we were like let's do it.

>> jake , of all the girls you could have asked, there are a lot of celebs and tons of young women you picked kate upton . what was it about her that made you choose her.

>> let's put a photo of kate up while we pose that question.

>> well, besides the obvious, she's obviously very pretty, " sports illustrated " i read it, as i said. she was great on the cover the last two years and she likes sports. i've seen some of her videos where she talks about sports. i like sports, as i said. she's young. we're close in age, i don't know, give it a try, see what happens.

>> we appreciate your aspirations.

>> we sure do.

>> yes.

>> and we've been on the dial-a- dial-a-thon and joining us on the phone is kate upton .

>> what?

>> good morning, how are you guys?

>> we're good. this is jake . jake , kate .

>> jake is not speaking.

>> hi kate .

>> how do you feel? i can't believe you're on the show and everything now. it's amazing.

>> this just got so much better now that you're on the phobe.

>> i absolutely loved the video. it was so hilarious and so creative. i mean, thank you so much for doing that. i really appreciate it.

>> jake , make your pitch, this is the time.

>> kate , i'm telling you, it will be a great night, great evening. i could even get the curfew extended hopefully talk to my parents maybe. we could go to a great dinner before, i hope you'd be interested if your schedule is free and what time should i pick you up if you're interested?

>> kate ?

>> well, i definitely have to check my schedule but you seem like so much fun and if everything works out i'd love to go with you. i know we'd have a blast.

>> i know we would, thank you.

>> this is beautiful. kate , one question for you, wrist corsage or more a pin it on the lapel type?

>> i was think being that a lot and it's been plaguing me and i've gone with the wrist if that's okay with kate , i think that's the way to go, very classy, fitting for her.

>> classy, i love it.

>> you're all right with that, kate ?

>> perfect.

>> guys, congrats. i can't believe this just happened.

>> it's so exciting.

>> i can't believe it either.

>> i know, it's really early in los angeles . you might think you're still asleep but this is actually happening, jake . kate upton thank you for joining us.

>> thank you so much.

>> we'll keep everybody posted on what happens.

>> we certainly will.