TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

6 Easter and Passover wines for under $15

Ray Isle from Food & Wine magazine shows off a collection of wines you can pair with your Easter and Passover meals, all of them costing less than $15.

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>>> time to raise our glasses whether you're headed to an easter sunday brunch or a passover seder . these wines are all under $15.

>> we're going to put all of those wines to the test.

>> ray aisles is the executive editor of "food and wine" magazine.

>> i'm thrilled to be here and i have some great affordable wines for some upcoming holiday meals. this wine is the barkan classic chardonnay, an israeli wine , kosher for passover . this is a light kind of chablis-style wine. ideal for matzo-ball soup. there's a little thing on the back label that has the kosher sign with a p or it sass kosher for passover try to figure out exactly what the requirements are. this one, segal's, again israeli, it's a merlot cabernet blend, i think for $14.99 it's a really good red wine .

>> there's an idea that all kosher wines are sort of maneschewitz-like, but these are good wines.

>> unbelievable. because you've got your coconut ma mack roons, kosher for passover . i think this zinfandel, from california, rich, fruity, intense, the baron herzog.

>> i love them all, that's not my favorite.

>> moving on to easter. we have hit all the holidays. easter, now i always like easter is basically ham or lamb, or both, those are the two big easter dinner things in the u.s. so a ham --

>> why not?

>> bring them on. for ham i like a sparkling wine . the saltiness of ham and the sparkling bubbles and the acidity is prosecco, $13 a bottle. really crisp.

>> i love that. isn't that good?

>> and sparkling wine , should you have leftover easter eggs and you're making devilled eggs, sparkling wine is one of the few wines good with eggs. lamb, shiraz.

>> how do you pronounce it?

>> if you're anywhere from australia, it's "sirah" but if you're in australia it's shiraz. big, because why not? a big, fruity, intense, slightly peppery red, again, very afford ab able. finally. the kids get candy for easter, the adults deserve something sweet, too. so the tawny port.

>> i love this.

>> this is fonseca tawny, not dry, sweet. and this is, you know, nutty caramely, sweet, character.

>> i'm on to you. and they go with --

>> perfectly with peeps.

>> dule', i want to give awe big thank you, we did great, bring it in for a big one. we love you, we love you.

>>> all right, tomorrow we have anthony anderson coming, you guys, he is, he is a little crazy.