TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

Harlan Coben’s new book offers romance, thrills

The best-selling author chats about his new book, “Six Years,” a romantic thriller. Coben says: “If the book doesn’t move you, I haven’t done my job.”

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>>> to "new york times" best selling author harlan coben " with his latest romantic thriller "six years." take out a little advertising space ?

>> no big deal .

>> couldn't you get' billboard? the new one is out. six years, it starts as i understand it's sort of a heartbreaking romance in the beginning, the main character , jake fisher, is in love with a woman but she breaks his heart, goes off with another guy and marries him instead.

>> the very first line of the book is "i sat in the back pew and watched the only woman i would ever love marry another man."

>> wow.

>> he's at the wedding of the woman he loves. afterwards she says please respect my opinion, leave me alone , don't contact me. last line "i kept my promise for six years." six years he sees an obituary for the husband, goes to the funeral, wife stands up, turns around and it's not the woman he loved, no one knows where she's been, he never married her, no one knows everything.

>> and the mystery begins.

>> that's the start.

>> jake , 6'5", tall guy, are you a romantic man?

>> yes, i am sort of a hopeless romantic . i've been married to the same woman, been with her since i was 20 years old, we have four kids.

>> oh.

>> oh! i love it, getting the corny stuff in, but i love thrillers but i also love the sense of heart. if the book doesn't move you, if you'rewelling up or flipping pages i haven't done my job.

>> i love natalie character.

>> totally fictional.

>> he goes on the hunt to find natalie and it ends up being one of the situations he could basically end up dead or endanger her as well.

>> it's a thriller. you have no idea what's going on i hope the whole time. he's confused but he's going after his heart. here's a sense of redemption. he's loved the woman for six years, he has a chance of finding out what really happened in that wedding chapel .

>> i know you have some news to share involving mr. hugh jackman .

>> the hollywood reporter .

>> hugh jackman is supposed to play jake in the movie "six years," and i couldn't be more excited. i like someone talented or good looking but hugh jackman will seem to do in a pinch. i'm really thrilled. he's a great guy, read it early on. he's just been great.

>> your book seemed to get a lot of hollywood interest which is great for you. you turn one out a year. what is your process?

>> that's my job, the same way you got to come here. plumber can't say i can't do pipes today i'm too fancy for it. i try to treat it every day like a job.

>> eight, ten-hour day?

>> not quite that long but i try to do it every single day, three, four, five hours, i can do that hard writing it's good.

>> do the ideas always come to you?

>> oh, god no.

>> brir's blocwriter's block?

>> only bad writers think they're good. if they say yeah, believe me their book stinks. we're all struggling and insecuring and worrying and if i stop worrying i'm in trouble.

>> you make the rest of us feel good.

>> the book is called "six years" we appreciate you being