TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

Burger King unveils turkey burger

The TODAY anchors, along with E!’s Jason Kennedy and Food Network’s Sunny Anderson, chat about the topics making headlines, including fast-food restaurants offering more health-conscious menus.

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>> dylan dreyer and sonny anderson . let's get right to it. i think a lot of people are talking about the new images of lindsey vonn and tiger woods making themselves facebook official now that they confirmed the relationship. they're officially dating after months of speculation and rumors, lindsey vonn and tiger woods both confirmed they are indeed an item. woods, 33 years old, wrote on his facebook "this season has been great so far, i'm happy with my wins at torrey and doral and something that's happened nice off the course meeting lindsey vonn . we've been friends for some time but over the last few months we're now dating. thank you for your support and respecting our privacy." are they respecting their privacy?

>> it's like the worst kept secret in hollywood in the sports world they met at 2011 at a charity event and spotted in november on a ski trip. when she got injured he flew his jet out there to pick her up but they're doing our jobs for us. we got your statement and here are a couple of photos to go along with it. professional.

>> by the way, leave us alone. now that we've told you, by the way, we want some privacy.

>> why do you think there is a need in hollywood these days it seems to make yourselves, you know, to put yourselves out there in that way where you're the first i guess to announce to the world, but at the same time you have to do it on facebook or twitter. why the need?

>> there's a lot of rumors out there. you want to be on ""the national enquirer " or the other magazines that don't get it accurate. they become their own publicists in a sense and they say listen, guess no more, i'm putting it out there and take some photos.

>> i wonder if there's a people that do that and don't. do they want validation publicly or is it they want to get ahead of the story. sometimes i wonder about that.

>> i always think, i'm all for privacy and i feel like the way jay-z and beyonce did it was just fine. they didn't say it for the longest time and then oh hey, by the way, we're pregnant! so i think that's perfectly fine. it's very interesting.

>> the less you address it, the more people accept it and it's like okay, that's good. they're not really talking about it. it's not a whole lot of hype around it and it's just a relationship us as viewers watching it almost respect a little bit more.

>> she's great for tiger. he's playing really, really well right now when it comes to the golfing world. he's won two tournaments recently.

>> and five of the last 19.

>> so it's been great.

>> working well.

>> she's been married as well, he was married to elin nordegren . she kind of looks like elin.

>> i guess you can hope for second chances for him and let them move on with their lives.

>> sure, everyone deserves one.

>>> take, two the history channel and president obama , a little controversy brewing when it comes to the bible series, if you've been watching it, a lot of people, a lot of viewers felt that the devil character in the show "the bible" had some resemblance to president obama . now of course twitter on the night that this aired erupted with comments about the actor who, by the way, is his name is mohammed mehdi usani and a lot of people said he looked like the president but the history channel was quick to say this is not so. he's a well-known actor. he has played this kind of biblical role in the past, so therefore he's perfectly cast for the role. no intention there to have any sort of resemblance whatsoever.

>> long before president obama was in office this actor was playing these roles so i don't understand -- i think it's nonsense, that's what mark burnett , the executive producer thinks as well.

>> is there a resem blablance do you see it?

>> this is the moment where a black girl on the set says two brown people actually do look alike . we don't all look alike but in this case there are some resemblances there.

>> the bone structure.

>> the casting, he's an actor, why should he lose a job because he looks like someone famous, if he's a great actor.

>> especially if he's played a role like that before. before obama was president, i kind of feel bad for the actor. it's like guys i'm just trying to do my job. it just so happens i look like him.

>> you mentioned mark burnett has made financial contributions to the obama campaign in 2008 and 2009 so i don't think there's anything to this honestly.

>> there is nothing to it as it turns out. point south some resemblance.

>>> let's move continue to our take three and burger king has a new kind of burger out, the turkey burger and sonny since you're the chief i want to show your thoughts on this. i guess the idea is to go healthier, the haltive for parents ordering stuff for their kids, i want the turkey burger.

>> yeah, they already have a veggieburg sore they've already been ahead of the curve, trying to have things on their menu that are for people looking for health conscious choices, but i mean, it's still 510 calories, which is for a lot of people a third of your daily intake, and it's just a sandwich.

>> a whopper is 630 calories f you're like my dad, bless his heart you get the turkey burger, throw the cheese and the mayo and at the end of the day it's the same thing.

>> and the milkshake.

>> i love you, dad.

>> it's interesting because it seems like a lot of people are trying, a lot of restaurants and chains are trying to add a healthier option to their menus. mcdonald's says it was planning to offer a lower calorie version of its egg mcmuffin sandwich.

>> i'll go in for the whole thing.

>> and really the real debate is how can we get the mcrib on 365, seriously. hello.

>> that's right!

>> they used to have the mclean deluxe , the quarterpounder, it was super lean and delicious and didn't have the mayo and all of that, it was great and they got rid of that because it wasn't making a lot of money. it will be interesting to see if it sticks around, the turkeyburg per

>> carl's jr. did it and they kept it around. you got a check on the news?

>> i do, i have to get to the headline this is morning and a u.s.