TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

How to load the perfect dishwasher

Loading the dishwasher is a task that sounds simple but is often done incorrectly. Courtenay Smith of Reader’s Digest offers her tips on dishwasher dos and don’ts, including what goes where and which kitchen items should not be put in the dishwasher.

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>>> doing it right today, where we show you the best way to do almost anything. la toya jackson was good to stick around with us. we're going to learn how to load the perfect dishwasher.

>> our teacher is courtney smith , executive editor of "reader's digest" with do's and don'ts where the new book "don't screw it up."

>> good morning.

>> good morning. are you good at loading the dishwasher, do you feel you have skills, la toya ? have you loaded once?

>> i have put things in them, yes. have i turned it on, no.

>> that's lesson two. let's start with loading it.

>> the biggest mistake is don't rinse the dishes before loading the dishwasher. your dishwasher detergent is built to dissolve the food. if there's no food it's basically going to attach to your dishes instead. i thought we'd play a game. natalie and la toya could hand some dishes and savannah, you've got two seconds to load this however you see fit.

>> however i would normally, i'll do it how i normally would do it.

>> big pans. you've gotdicious, glassware.

>> i lay my wine glasses down. i do because they break i can't recommend that. this is a small dishwasher, i don't want to complain.

>> can all these things fit in the dishwasher, courtney?

>> well, probably not in this one.

>> there may be trick objects in there for you sarks vanna.

>> i think there are. i wouldn't put wood in for starters.

>> i think we're done. time is up. savannah, you didn't do a bad job at all and you were right about the wood. it would crack.

>> how do you clean the wine out of the to be lets?

>> these wine glasses would end up holding water. i would not lay them flat.

>> they're probably too big.

>> come over with me and i'll show you a properly loaded dishwasher. with the bottom, you did well because the cookie sheets and roasting pans go on the sides so they won't block the center spinner. this dishwasher is built so the dishes are lined up and have space to get to the water but if you have an older madle you want to turn this section that way so the dirty part faces the center because that will get maximum water exposure. your forks and knives, knives always go down for safety reasons but the forks and the spoons you always want up, and no spooning for the spoons. it's putting things in haphazard haphazardly, so it's all open.

>> what do you do with the wine glasses ?

>> some wine glasses are sturdy enough. it's a matter of whether they fit and they're sturdy. but you want them up so the water drains, and then your glasses you want between the spokes, not over the spokes because that keeps them more secure.

>> you put bowls in the top drawer , isn't that illegal?

>> no, and plastic goes on the top because the heat on the bottom will warp it. these bowls you want them standing up so don't overcrowd so the water can get in from the bottom and drain out. some models allow you to put it upside down if you want.

>> i learned something, la toya , did you learn something?

>> i learned a lot, thank you.

>> coming up, we have bobby flay answering some of your kitchen dilemmas after your local news.