TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

Vatican intern: ‘Watching history’ is ‘amazing’

Villanova students Sean Hudgins, Lauren Colegrove and Danielle McMonagle had just arrived at the Vatican to begin their two-month internships when Pope Benedict announced he would be stepping down. They talk with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about “watching history unfold.”

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>> and savannah, when it comes to front row seats for history, these three people here would qualify. they're villanova university students lauren colgrove, sean hudgens and danielle mcmonagle. they are interns who arrived at the vatican when all this history unfolded. folks, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> reporter: lauren , when i say you first arrived it was your very first day of your internship when pope benedict announced he was resigning. what was that like?

>> i got into the office that morning at the catholic news service, i was oriented to the room and we went to get coffee and we come back and our editor gets this call on the phone and all of a sudden you know our office is completely silent and he says that the pope has just announced he's going to be resigning.

>> did you think this was going to be the best internalship or worst internship ever?

>> i thought it would be exciting taken has been.

>> talk to me the rest of you came the next day.

>> right.

>> you arrived the day after the pope decided to resign. what have these last several weeks been like for you?

>> the last several weeks have been incredible for us. villanova set us up with the internship and we expect hey we'll go to the vatican and work on a facebook page every once in a while , do a little twitter work but to have the pope resign and to be here, at such an historic time has been crazy for us.

>> you've been out here in st. peter's, seen pope francis. what's that been like?

>> incredible. we thought we were there to see pope benedict 's final mass and audience and seeing pope francis there and being a part of it and watching history literally unfold in front of us has been amazing.

>> do you have to write some epic paper on all of this, lauren ?

>> i'll write a reflection at the end of everything, definitely have good material for that.

>> how long will you be here in rome?

>> we're here for about another six weeks or so. it's a three-month internship.

>> i'm not sure anybody's ever going to give you an internship after this, when things like this happen on your first and second day. good luck to you guys.