TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

How security measures will protect the pope

As Pope Francis becomes accustomed to everything that comes with being pope, one of the main things he will have to get used to is the intense security measures he will now be subject to, from the Popemobile to the protective Swiss Guard. Maria Shriver reports.

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>>> we're joined once again by maria shriver and time to tackle a serious subject, protecting this new pope.

>> that is a big challenge for those who are assigned to make sure that he stays safe because this is a man as we've seen over the last couple of days who likes people, who likes to touch people.

>> he's spontaneous.

>> he's a pastor and he gets energy, you can tell, from the people. you saw somebody this morning hold up their baby to him so he could kiss them, so very much on the minds of the people, how to keep this pope happy and safe. the man some here are calling hurricane francis is just getting used to everything that comes with being pope. his first ride in the pope mobile this morning, preaching to the throngs of the faithful, greeting visiting dignitaries and friends. and most notably, wading into crowds, like this one outside st. ann's church on sunday, getting up close and personal, catching his bodyguards off guard. security nightmare for any protective detail, even the swiss guard who have guarded popes for more than 500 years.

>> i'm sure his security detail is having a rather frank conversation with him now, saying that we can't make a habit out of this.

>> reporter: many around the vatican were instantly taken back to may of 1981 , when pope john paul ii was shot and critically wounded by metlib ali abjab.

>> it wasn't a pope mobile back then, it was an open jeep and he shot and killed hill.

>> reporter: fences were erected and magnetometers were installed, hidden in the colonadde to stand everyone who goes inside st. peter's basilica. for events like today's installation, more security is visible. while pope francis may be seeking a simpler papacy, which includes turning down the trappings of the office, this humble priest who used to ride the bus to work may have to get used to being one of the most recognizable people in the world.

>> it's very difficult to tell someone that they have overnight become the target of potentially tens of thousands of people's ire.

>> reporter: while hurricane francis may settle into a routine t makes you wonder is there anyone who can say no to a pope who wants to express his love for his people?

>> francis has shown that he wants to be outgoing and he wants to go out and touch people, so they will have to allow him to do that, and be as careful as possible.

>> that's right, they will have to allow him to do that and be as careful as possible and this is their 1.2 billion catholics, he wants to travel all over the world and touch people all over the world, not just with his words but you know, physically.

>> physically as well and what we've seen of him over the last five days it's hard to imagine he's going to change his style too much. they're going to have to meet in the middle somewhere.

>> that's right. compromise.

>> exactly. maria thanks for that, we appreciate it. much more from the vatican straight ahead.