TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

5 glamorous gowns for less

With spring starting this week, it’s time to think about warm-weather parties and summer weddings. Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire shows off some gorgeous gowns you can buy for cocktail parties and black tie affairs that won’t bust your budget.

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>>> back now at 8:40 with "today's style" and spring officially starts tomorrow so time to start planning for the parties and perhaps weddings you'll be attending in the months ahead. dana roberts rossi is senior fashion editor at " marie claire " magazine. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we're going to see the return of the full length gloun. are you seeing more of the silhouette for all body types?

>> absolutely. the belief that gowns have to be stuffy or expensive, that's absolutely not the case. they can be very inexpensive and fresh and modern.

>> let's start with a cocktail party gown, our first model is bernadette. tell us about the dress she's wearing.

>> this is escape by macy's and it's $175, the dress itself is very modern. i think there's a belief that you have to wear short dresses for cocktail events and that's not the case. you can wear something wrong and the neckline gives it that modern edge, the soured ware, we've added a belt. haller itnecks can be great unless you have super broad shoulders, then you stay away.

>> and also very simple with the jewelry, the accessories make this as well.

>> less it more with all of these gowns i think, add jewelry and take something off.

>> bernadette you look great, thank you so much. next is formal evening dinner gown look here and we have camor modeling for us.

>> isn't it beautiful? this is a nordstrom's dress by alex evening and this dress is a perfect example of how you can be sexy and sophisticated at the same time, the metallic lace at the top is jersey so it's super comfortable and the long sleeves very big trend.

>> we're seeing a lot of the leg this season.

>> a nice slit.

>> she has nice legs. you may as well show them.

>> no angelina jolie high slit.

>> age appropriate. camora you look beautiful. next occasion is a garden party . for this we bring out brittany, beautiful in yellow, the bright colors we're seeing a lot of as well.

>> it's attention grabbing for the right reasons.

>> right.

>> this is lauren by ralph lauren . around $200. we've seen so many of the primary brights and particularly yellow on the red carpet , julianne moore rocked the yellow dress. the trick is to go with something bright. when you get into the golder more wishy-washy muggy yellow tones it can wash you out. this one the brighter the better and more saturated.

>> her skin coloring she looks fabulous. thank you, brittany. next a summer wedding, people planning for that and you can wear the gowns at the summer weddings again.

>> you can. women say what am i going to wear for the wedding? this is bcbg, cutout lace panels, kind of a beginner's way to wear tutocutouts. give your back a good evaluation, be honest and a fake tan will work wonders.

>> good to note.

>> a place you forget to look.

>> lisa looks gorgeous, beautiful, thank you very much and finally the last look is the black tie and here we have iris. you don't have to wear black necessarily for black tie .

>> so many people believe that but absolutely not. you do not and el bellishment in metallic is a big trend. naomi watts , jessica chastain with the touches of embellishment and the higher waist covers a multitude of stinz and makes legs really long because they start up here. this is a great, but again cheap accessories, minimal, less is more and hair and makeup natural.

>> ladies come back out for one last look, thank you so much. dana roberts rossi thank you so much as well.

>> thank you.

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