TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

‘Biggest Loser’ winner: ‘Anything is possible’

Just a day after Danni Allen, 26, was revealed as the winner during the nail-biting finale of “The Biggest Loser,” she talks about losing an amazing 121 pounds, saying the show has given her new confidence and encouraging others to “never doubt yourself.”

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>>> it was a nail-biter on "the biggest loser." in the end 26-year-old danni allen lost 121 pounds to take the title and the $250,000 grand prize . good morning, good to see you..

>> good to see you, too.

>> good to see what is left of you.

>> i know, it's an amazing experience.

>> you've flown all night.

>> yes.

>> you basically haven't slept.

>> nope.

>> are you on adrenalin?

>> pure adrenalin, i love it, i don't want it to go away.

>> it was a close finish, comes down to fractions i guess.

>> um-hum.

>> did you think i've got this one in the bag or were you chewing on your nails?

>> i was very secure in my success with this show. i knew no matter what in my heart i had already won but when it came down the scale i was up against some big boys . i didn't know if i could pull out the numbers i needed to.

>> you actually gained 19 pounds of muscle, which is fantastic, but did you worry okay, is that going to count against me or how is that going to play out.

>> is t did play a little bit mentally, it's a weight loss numbers. if you're telling me i lost because i gained too much muscle, i'll take it.

>> one of the problems you want to have.

>> yes.

>> so tell me about your life and how you think this will change things for you.

>> i can't, first of all i don't think i can imagine how exactly it will change my life but it has and it has given me the self-confidence that i never had before and that sense of belief that i had dream again. nothing's too big. i never would have thought i'd be sitting here today with you and just being the person that i am, and anything's possible, and i just believe it.

>> well, you are exuding joy and i know one of the things you've always loved to do is sing. do you think there will be things now that you'll just have more confidence to do and to try?

>> certainly, like i've changed my slogan, i used to be like why me? i'm like why not me? why not me? let's try it. what's it going to hurt to try.

>> so what worked for you? if you were giving advice, because i think a lot of people draw inspiration from this show.

>> completely.

>> and from people like you. what would be your advice?

>> i think my best advice would be just never doubt yourself. just try. there's no harm in trying, and honestly, if you fall -- i fell. you saw me on the floor. you saw jillian dump an ice bucket on my head, just keep going. there's no end of the road . it just always keeps going.

>> i would be remiss if we didn't mention the money. reward for $250,000, not too shabby.

>> i can't believe i have a quarter of a million dollars coming my way.

>> do you have any dreams what you might do with it?

>> i have so many ideas what i could possibly do with it but the one thing is jeff and i had a little side to side bet no matter who won we were going to take the other one on a vacation because we knew we definitely deserved a vacation so i will honor that. i'll bring francine pause they can't leave each other. i'll just be the third wheel. i'll find my guy out there.

>> we know you'll look good in a bikin bikini.

>> my first bikini.

>> is there any worry going off the ranch and trying to incorporate everything you've learned into this new lifestyle?

>> you know there's worry. it's easy to say i can keep it off but you have to make a plan so the one thing i did was make a plan for after "the biggest loser" i needed one thing and that would be the chicago marathon , october 13th , 2013 , so hopefully i'll be running it this year. i'm trying to get in right now.

>> danni, you are an inspiration to so many people for those who love it. you started at 258 pounds and today you weigh how much?

>> 137 pounds.

>> we are amazed and proud of you. thank you so much.

>> thank you so much, savannah.