TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

LaToya Jackson: ‘I regret’ ‘Apprentice’ mistake

Newly ousted “Celebrity Apprentice” competitor LaToya Jackson comments on the drama of this season, discussing show “villain” Omarosa, and saying if she had to compete all over again, “of course” she would have used a different strategy.

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>>> the new season of nbc's "all-star celebrity apprentice " is getting started. we're seeing a lot of drama in the board room . this week it centered around la toya jackson and oma rosa and oma rosa lived to fight another day.

>> it is a pretty easy joyce. i hate to do it la toya . you made a terrible choice when you didn't bring back ama rosa . because i think i would have fired ama rosa . la toya , you're fired.

>> she joins us now, la toya good morning to you.

>> good morning, how are you this morning in.

>> i'm fine, by all accounts including mr. donald trump you made a major boo-boo when you didn't bring ama rosa back in the board room which would have made her eligible to be fired. instead we no choice and you had to go. do you regret what happened? hindsight is 20/20.

>> i regret it very much. if i had to do it again of course i would bring her back to the board room .

>> what were you thinking, why not bring her in, in the moment?

>> i truly believed that he fell for the crocodile tears , for the crying. i also believed that he wouldn't have gotten rid of her and those were my thoughts so when you're in there, you're under a lot of pressure and my mind is going, what do i do? he's not going to get rid of her. they view the villain in the show. if i were a producer i'd keep her in the show so keep the mess going.

>> rather than thinking about what was best for you.

>> yes.

>> you two got off to a rough start, a lot of drama throughout the episode and it started off with a challenge when you were supposed to put on a skit, soap opera type skit. what happened?

>> basically what happened was, i'll be very honest and frank with you that throughout the entire task, she was always trying to sabotage what i was doing no matter what it was and making it very difficult, and of course you overlook it and you continue to move forward and you try to put your best foot forward and ignore those little obstacle answer jump over them but they kept coming up, i'm leaving, i want to go home and something just happened, just constantly, and popping back at the last minute and wanting the part back. it was very interesting how people will manipulate their way to become a winner.

>> you did use a couple of choice words in describing her as conknifing, scheming, cutthroat, snake, and you brought up her zeelsed fiance michael clark duncan saying her behavior may have contributed to his heart attack. what did you want to say about that statement? because now she is threatening legal action against you for the damaging remarks.

>> i haven't received anything from that so i have no clue. i think michael, i think he's a wonderful person. i think he was a very -- he was like a gentle giant. he was a lovely person, a very sweet person, and i just wish that he was still here with us, but i find it very interesting that and the teammates were saying okay here comes the tears again, they're not sincere, tears of wanting to stay on the show and once again i thought --

>> you're taking back your words then?

>> as far as?

>> as far as saying that her behavior may have led to his death?

>> i didn't mean it that way at all, not at all. not at all. i think we were under a lot of people and people were nudging you and nudging you and nudging you but absolutely not. he was a kind and sweet guy. he was.

>> la toya jackson . you can catch "all-star celebrity apprentice " sunday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc.

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