TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

Cardinal Dolan: Pope must ‘unleash energy’

Cardinal Timothy Dolan speaks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about this morning’s papal installation, describing the pope’s words as “moving” and “beautiful” and saying “I wouldn’t doubt” that women will be given a more active role in the church under Pope Francis.

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>> your imminence, great to see you.

>> maria your dad was a great man and wise man.

>> very involved in the church.

>> do they have reason to be hopeful?

>> we all have reason to be hopeful with pope francis, my hope is on steroids after that magnificent mass and hearing him preach and i wonder, somebody in your interview hinted at it, that the new pope can't just be in to maintaining structures. he's got to unleash the energy that was given us by jesus and the holy spirit and i wonder if he's given us a new interpretive key in his homily. he spoke, i don't know if you had the advantage of hearing, of the translation, he spoke of tender love, tender love. now women are pros when it comes to tender love, and he spoke for st. joseph loving jesus and mary, but then he said this tender love has to go to creation, to god's creatures and especially to those who are most fragile, especially to those who are poor and struggling and feel alienated. women are pros when it comes to tender love. will they have a more accented role in his papacy? i wouldn't doubt it.

>> he talked about mercy over these last several days.

>> yes.

>> he talked about forgiveness and says "we, too i think are these people who on the one hand want to listen to jesus but other times we like to beat up on others." it's your job to take this message back home and preach this to the people of the archdiocese of new york . how will you convey that message?

>> he's used these days since his election as a great classroom, and i think all of us today, the cardinals that are leaving, are just regenerated. it's been like a retreat so we go home filled with hope, filled with zeal, filled with inspiration, detecting a simplicity, a sincerity, a willingness to speak about the raw, simple truths of the gospel. did you hear him today, there wasn't anything cerebral about it. he could have given that homily to fourth graders but yet it was so moving and so beautiful.

>> there is a tough job ahead. he is going to look at some s dossier on the investigation into the vatican scandal. some things are not going to be good for the church, they'll be hurtful. do you want him to speak about what's in the report openly and publicly?

>> i think it would be good. there's nobody who would have sat through the congregations that we cardinals had before the conclave without knowing that the college of cardinals unanimously wants an honesty, a candor, a sincerity, sense of transparency. he heard that and i think he's going to do it. that was his style as archbishop of buenos aires . the first time he was white in the conclave, we applauded, he looked and shrugged and said now what have i gotten myself into. in other words he's saying here's what i am, i can't be anyone else and be with me.

>> the poll is americans want this pope to clean up the church and to bring it back together.

>> yes, and it's even better than that. catholics indeed the whole world, they want the church to work. they want this pope to be successful. he'll ride on that crest, and i think we got a winner.

>> cardinal timothy dolan --

>> thanks, good to be with you and maria. i look forward to seeing you later.

>> more from the vatican in a little while, for now on the weather here is dylan dreyer.