TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

5 ways to take your fashion to the next level

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas found five women who have good looks but could use some fashion advice. She shows them how to up their fashion game with simple changes such as fun frames with a color that pops, and giving your long hair a trim to balance your overall look.

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>> announcer: today's style is brought to you by yoplait, learn how to take your look from good to so good, with tips from today's style experts.

>> and time for today's style and even when you think you've got it all together, there are usually a few ways you can take your style from good to so good.

>> it's so true and here with some wardrobe tricks to take your look to that next level is today's style editor,'s bobbie thomas.

>> our girl bt.

>> i love this segment.

>> this is such a great idea, you take a photo of someone who looks pretty good and you make them look even better.

>> i want your pictures, everybody looks good. there are no fashion disasters.

>> tweet bobbie and her twitter handle is bobbiethomas, simple, all one word.

>> we're going to start with rene, a military mom i met, she was a friend of somebody here on the show and she told me she had just moved to virginia from the west coast , she has a casual wardrobe. like many when she wanted to dress up she's got a nice pair of slacks on. she put the cardigan and the tighter-fitting top. she said she's afraid of suits, they look a little boxy. she says she wants to look polished. here's how i made her so good.

>> let's see the next photo.

>> so let me clear this. so what i want to do --

>> what do you do.

>> a suit doesn't have to be boxy. this was only $45. at jcpenney and $30 for the pants, you can get a whole suit, break up and use many different ways for under $100.

>> this shawl collar is a great feminine line, it doesn't have the sharp lapel. and you want to look for something like this detail, add a longer tank that's flowy. so you still have femininity.

>> kelly, you think she was worried about her midsection.

>> she just had baby number three. we're talking a month or two ago. kelly looks great. this is a good outfit. there's nothing wrong with it. but she's petite. she said if i could change anything, we look at the next photo. she wanted to be a little bit taller. what i want to point out is right here she's kind of cutting herself off with the color break and this extra fabric is adding a little bit to the top.

>> this black kind of keeps the line moving up and down and another big thing is this cardigan, the drape kind of comes in and creates an hourglass shape on her frame. a little flip.

>> and simple.

>> let's take it to jackie . we met jackie at the mall.

>> i'll talk to anybody.

>> jackie was visiting from the uk for her daughter's 21st birthday. her outfit had color, i loved the scarf this was fantastic. the only thing i would have tweaked on jackie if we see the next photo, is i would have turned the color up just a little . this is a subtle change, you'll see immediately in her face, it looks brighter, it brightens her up and it ties the scarf in more. the khaki was a little bit dull for her. it's a neutral, she could pop it and it looks much better and i also tried a brighter green just to kind of show you how sometimes -- this one is a little overpowering and this one is a little dull and this one is just right. you want to look at your colors.

>> we can do our next one. we have time for that.

>> suzette, i want to show you a before and after quickly. if you wear glasses every day. consider this color change, we added red to her glasses, it's like adding a pop of makeup, we went from good to so good. and then --

>> last but not least. melissa, i want to show both of her pictures at the same time. because she sent me her long hair and she wanted to figure out, this is a go-to outfit what she could do. i love the top and the hair, this gives her some height, it doesn't exaggerate this broad area.

>> tweet pictures to bobbie thomas