TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Emma Watson: I won’t be doing ’50 Shades’ movie

Huffington Post’s Rob Shuter dishes with Hoda Kotb and guest host Lisa Rinna about some of the hottest Hollywood headlines. The topics include Emma Watson tweeting she has no interest in doing a “50 Shades of Grey” movie, Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough calling it quits, and Madonna presenting Anderson Cooper with a GLAAD award.

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>>> all right we're back on this fun-day monday with today's buzz where we get all the scoop and hollywood gossip. stuff you may have missed over the weekend.

>> i'm glad i'm here to hear all about it, here with the scoop from ryan seacrest to madonna , rob schuter.

>> launched his own website today --

>> naughtybutnice, how fancy.

>> talk to us about ryan and julianne.

>> they did break up, she's not home crying, watching sad movie , she's out with her friends at the beach. surrounding herself with girlfriends. this is a girl who has really good friends, they went to the lakers game. there she is, looking at her saying she's out with her friends, surrounding herself with love. i hear she's quite sad about this, but unfortunately these things happen. it's really their schedule, everyone is looking for drama --

>> harry said to me the other day, how do they ever have time to see one another.

>> over the last couple of years, you wonder how much time they've spent together.

>> it's very little. his career is ridiculous, he has more jobs than anybody else, but her career is taking off, making movies , dancing.

>> tell us about the gender of kate middleton 's baby.

>> we still do not know. if you remember somebody gave her a teddy bear and they thought she was going to say daughter. she said "da" and stopped. she didn't say "da," she said ah.

>> we don't really know. she's not going to announce it. over the weekend she did tell that she would like to have a little boy and he would like to have a little girl . now that the succession laws have changed, so whoever is the first baby, whether it's a boy or a girl, will be the king or queen of england. so it's big stakes here.

>> i love it don't you?

>> aw.

>> you don't care?

>> i'm totally into it. she got her heel caught in a grate.

>> i don't know anyone who graceful than kate in getter her heel out of the grate.

>> talk to us about "fifty shades of grey" who going to play the lead role?

>> it's a group called anonymous, they claim they hacked into a master database of movies in germany and in this database they found out that anastasia would be played by emma watson . very strange. but we believed it.

>> she would be good.

>> it is not her.

>> who should play that role?

>> i don't know. i think someone very sassy. or someone that's a surprise. mila kunis , but julianne hough would nail it upside-down.

>> it would be a nice girl, a good girl image. it would be really interesting.

>> you went to the gladd awards and you saw madonna present an award to anderson cooper .

>> when madonna arrived, she was dressed as a boy scout . she gave the award to anderson. look at her. she said he's very brave. he was very humble. she did point out what a fan of hers he is. that she has seen him at a lot of her concerts. the breaking news, the biggest star of the night who everyone went nuts for, honey boo-boo's mother, june boo-boo.

>> it was amazing.

>> quickly about the movies "oz" number one?

>> yes. and number two, halle berry 's movie. the big loser is the one we're all surprised about, is steve carrell 's movie, at just $10 million. if you're going to see one wizard, one magician movie this weekend, it's probably going to be "the wizard of