TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Quiz! Does vinegar have an expiration date?

What’s the best weather for cleaning windows? How long does it take disinfectant spray to work? Julie Edelman, the “Accidental Housewife,” tests TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest host Lisa Rinna on how much they know about spring cleaning.

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>>> start of spring is just a couple of days away and while you're looking forward to the warmer weather, you're not looking forward to the thing we call spring cleaning .

>> not at all. here to help us get the most out of your hard work is the accidental housewife, judy edelman.

>> she's going to test our accidental housewife iq, which i'm not liking the beginning of this.

>> well this is humility. our first question is one of the biggest things we all do are our windows. the question is --

>> you have someone do them for you.

>> yes.

>> they need to be done.

>> do you do them best to do them on a cloudy day or a sunny day .

>> sunny.

>> you're brilliant. cloudy. because on a sunny day , the sun will dry them leaving more streaks. because you're not doing them obviously. the best way to do them -- with vinegar and water, a little bit of this and by the way, you use newspaper, everybody use it is, you know what, it's because think about it, all the ink that's absorbed, they use the paper for a reason, they absorb moisture really well.

>> cloudy day.

>> are you exhausted? you want to take a break? next, you with ant to clean out your cupboards, you're purple and you're yellow. which of these doesn't have an expiration date -- bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide .

>> vinegar.

>> you are correct and you are incorrect.

>> two for two.

>> hydrogen peroxide has one on there and vinegar because it's acidic never really goes. bleach, actually, too, three to six months.

>> come on. now we want to see if you know how to clean . disinfectant spray. i already know you don't.

>> i do, too.

>> show me how you would clean with a disinfectant spray.

>> you're both wrong.

>> i'm not done.

>> are you done. in order for a disinfecting spray to work, it has to stay on there at least ten seconds.

>> come on we've got a lot to do here. so also, spring, we also don't clean certain things we should, like our houseplants, our toothbrush holders and books. match the items, the cleaning item here which is banana peel , powder and a silica gel and listerine to the item you think cleans that.

>> this cleans that and this --

>> and this --

>> well, this is going to be --

>> okay.

>> well we can clean that up now. now what, hoda, you are correct because we've worked together before. we've cleaned, the banana peel is actually good, because there's dust and you want to get rid of the dust --

>> is someone going to sit here and do this with their --

>> white? you're going to sit here and go like this to your plants?

>> and you're going to eat your plants while you do it?

>> she does it all the time.

>> no, i will not do it.

>> you're not going to do anything.

>> wait, let us continue.

>> now, toothbrush holder absolutely makes sense, we usually clean it in there. you soak it in enough to cover listerine.

>> now, here's the interesting one. you both got this right. you're stealing my limelight. books will get mold in them, and mold is what book lice love to feed on. so there's book lice .

>> i have lice in my books?

>> so this is the real we buy so many shoes.

>> 30 seconds left. vodka.

>> now this is something we can talk about.

>> vodka and a toothbrush. show me what you would do to clean your refrigerator with vodka and a toothbrush.

>> watch out, here we go.

>> mold can grow on your gasket and you spray some in your mouth and it helps the job a little.

>> oh, god. is that really vodka.

>> the winner, who is the winner here?

>> give it to lisa, she's the guest.

>> i don't want the mop.

>> you get the vodka.

>> coming up next, you're hired and you're fired. here you