TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Vera Farmiga: ‘Bates Motel’ is ‘a love story’

Oscar-nominated actress Vera Farmiga talks about the new TV show “Bates Motel,” a “Psycho” prequel in which she plays Norman Bates’ mother. She describes the series as “a tremendous love story between mother and son.”

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>> 43 years ago alfred hitchcock 's film "psycho" changed how we step into the shower other.

>> the new prequel explores the relationship between norman bates and his mother. what was it about this script that made you want to do it?

>> it's a love story , tremendous love story between mother and son . it's a study on a love between mother and son . that relationship is dynamic and a very special one. i get to play mother bates which ranges from mother goose to madea. it's an exciting inducing thriller. it was a love story that really was the drama.

>> it's not your typical mother/son love. obviously when you're setting up that character of norma bates.

>> in some way it is. as mothers we have love for our children in good ways and in bad. and, you know, in that way it's, you know, the greatest love that there is between a mother and child and in that way it's capital r romantic. the bond between these two very real, very intense. it might be interpreted but that's for the aud dwroens decide. yes they are dysfunctional, as dysfunctional as any typical mother/son relationship. yes they may be too close for their own good.

>> it's prequel to the movie "psycho" but you guys are doing this in modern times . you are making up the rules?

>> it liberates us from the constraints of the film. conceptually we're barring those characterizations and barring that inevitable plot at any time and it's kind of a backwards exploration how a loving mother and son get to that very tragic end. i think yeah, it liberates us and frees us from those constraints.

>> there's a lot of homages to hitchcock.

>> there was and always will be a fascination with hitchcock. he's a master at suspense. he dealt with questions of what is love, what is loyalty, what is sin. the answers are notice severe simple.

>> we watched it. it's awesome.

>> it's little creepy.

>> yeah.

>> thank you so much. appreciate it. bates motel premieres tonight at 10:00 on a &