TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Bobby Flay maps out chicken, salmon for 4 nights

Cooking dinner doesn’t have to be a major chore if you plan in advance. Chef Bobby Flay plans budget-friendly meals for the next four nights, including egg noodles with red pepper pesto and slow-roasted salmon filets.

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>>> we are back now at 8:49 with today's mapped out meals where we give you four budget friendly recipes.

>> he wrote this introduction, bobby flay doing the honors. egg noodles with red per pesto , chicken breasts with asparagus, slow roasted salmon.

>> four meals.

>> you're going to repurpose some of the things you make early in the week for later.

>> absolutely. we'll use chicken 2009 of the dishes and make a sauce which is a red pepper pesto that savannah can you help me?

>> of course.

>> fire away.

>> meatless monday. instead of a basil pesto we'll make a red pepper basil. start with some red peppers that are roasted. you can buy them in cans. then we'll make pesto . you know was in a basic pesto .

>> sure.

>> parmesean cheese . you know what those are

>> pine nuts.

>> and?

>> garlic.

>> exactly.

>> usually when things smell i don't go for it.

>> put it all in there.

>> okay.

>> i don't want to mess it up. okay, great.

>> we'll take the top of this. put this on.

>> lock it.

>> lock and load . all right.

>> i don't feel that's very secure.

>> i'll do it.

>> matt has got it.

>> that's the first time it's ever happened.

>> olive oil . put some olive oil . this will make our pesto . this is something that you can keep for a week in your refrigerator. that's what it looks like. now we'll make our pasta. these are old school egg noodles. take some of your pesto . put it right in there.

>> whole thing

>> couple of spoonfuls. some herbs. some fresh oregano. then we're going to mix this up. give me more pesto .

>> okay. i was just saving for later in the week.

>> we have plenty. you did a good job. eggplant, a vegetarian dish. i serve this up at one of my restaurants. pest jobs eggplant, fresh herbs and noodles and then put it right into a big bowl because we want to serve it family style. that looks great. okay. a little bit of ricotta cheese and olive oil . that's monday. tuesday. so tuesday now we'll have chicken breasts here. a lot of people like to cook skinless and boneless chicken breasts. salt and pepper very simple.

>> you made a couple of extra because you'll use them later in the week.

>> yes. for the entree, we have a asparagus. this is so simple. chi chicken , tomatoes, i like goat cheese . very healthy and ton of flavor.

>> talk about that chicken again on thursday but now we move to wednesday and we talk about that pepper pesto .

>> we saved some of that pesto you made so easily and this is a salmon. now a lot of times people take salmon and sear it. i put oven at 250 degrees and because the salmon has good fat in it, the fat starts to melt and after it cooks in its own fat it's incredibly silky.

>> you going to do it in the oven how long?

>> about 25 to 30 minutes . you don't have to do anything else. potatoes, salmon, sauce you made and you're finished. oil take some of our --

>> tuesday chicken .

>> a tortilla soup . chick jones broth. read chilies. some of the chicken we saved overnight and lot was ingredients here, ched tar cheese, avocados. we have a beautiful tortilla soup . look how quickly we cooked for four nights.

>> explain that broth.

>> was in the tortilla soup .

>> chicken brought, red chilies, little bit of posole in here. and this soup is not just an appetizer. it could be a meal. you have the avocado and cheese and cilantro.

>> we'll put the shopping list for all these four recipes up on our website at

>> stick around for your local