TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Alison Sweeney: ‘Loser’ finale is ‘anyone’s game’

Alison Sweeney, host of “The Biggest Loser,” chats about tonight’s season 14 finale, discussing each of the four remaining contestants’ chances at being crowned winner.

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>> disappear before our very eyes. tonight it's the biggest loser finale. good morning, allison, how are you

>> good morning.

>> we got danny, obviously a huge powerhouse.

>> yeah. she's on her own from so early in the season and i mean there's every chance she could have been eliminated. she stuck with it. she knows what it's like to overcome the odds.

>> jeff is a guy who lost about 32% of his body weight . how does he stack up in the competition?

>> just that classic -- it's the guy everybody loves . he's young, athletic and wants it. still got weight to lose. he has a fair shot at this. when he left the ranch they were all within 5%. it's anyone's game.

>> allison now america will decide the joe or jackson make to it be the third finalist. tell bus them. who will give the best competition

>> they both have worked so hard. it's interesting. we had over a million votes. people are super invested in this story. what i loved is joe is that guy, a former athlete. people relate to him in that he wanted to get that back and he's in better shape now than ever has been. jackson is the young story. he's our first openly gay contestant. he relates to teens and young adults trying to find themselves and trying to take a stand in what's right for them and healthy for them. people can relate to jackson . they both have a shot of kpeefting to win. all four amazing people and have won their life back and now we want to give someone $250,000.

>> thank you so much.

>> remind everybody the live finale "the biggest loser" is on tonight and the winner will join us here in the studios tomorrow.