TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Top Google searches: Corned beef, Katie Holmes

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals the buzz around the country this weekend, discussing some top searches including corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day and a risqué new ad campaign  from Katie Holmes.

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>>> back now at 8:44 with the "hot topics." google technologist is here to break it down for us. good morning. a little refresher course. this is not the most searched terms just terms that got a lot of traffic.

>> we call them trending searches. people can get a snapshot of what people were interested in from friday night to last night. we look at this. try to find more context and we put together this listing no particular order.

>> corned beef and cabbage .

>> staple for some in the irish traditional diet . we saw people searching for this as a recipe but irish soda bread , shepherd's pie, irish blessing, some fun irish terms were being searched.

>> green beer had to be on the list?

>> we didn't see it. thankfully to issue would agree.

>> next one is katie holmes . people are interested in her.

>> there's this ad campaign for h. stern in brazil she's taking these very let's say risque pictures. people wanted to check out what she wants to look like.

>> that's an advertising campaign . jeff gordon test drive prank. this has been getting a lot of activity.

>> jeff gordon famous nascar driver and to set the stage basically they filmed what looked like a test drive with car salesman , unsuspecting car salesman where he drives the car all over the road but this is fake.

>> it is fake.

>> we are pretty confident it's fake. it's an ad for pepsi and chevy but obviously very entertaining and funny. people check this out. confirmed it was fake.

>> googling to see the video. okay. from gordon to jordan we got the jordan retro 13 sneakers. designee got name sneakers. to go with the 15th from speak lee. this came out on saturday. people are trying to figure out how to buy them. i've seen them for sale close to $500. i have no game.

>> so are they like the original?

>> they look like the original. spike lee and michael jordan have a relationship.

>> sarah palin . not surprising she was at cpac over the weekend, the conservative political action committee .

>> made a lot of comments that got people's interest. she took that moment to sip from her big gulp drink. people searching on both sides of the aisle republicans and democrats curious about her comments.

>> big searches that come to mind that happened over the weekend?

>> one more if we have time to mention it. angola witch spider. this is a slightly disturbing picture. this apparently the claim with this spider it could eat cats and dogs , had to be taken down with a bullet. it's totally fake. people used search to confirm their greatest fears. there is an angola witch spider.

>> always interesting to get these insights. thank you. coming up