TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Feud erupts between Sarah Palin, Karl Rove at CPAC

After Sarah Palin took a direct shot at Karl Rove during her remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, blaming him and other “experts” for “losing elections,” Rove fired right back, criticizing her for failing to serve out her term as governor of Alaska. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> republican in fighting broke out this weekend at the annual conservative political action conference . chuck todd has the very latest.

>> reporter: good morning. this morning the republican party is releasing to the public a brutal internal autopsy of what went wrong in the 2012 election. long list of mistakes that includes some potential ideas for reform but as you just brought up the party is trying to rehabilitate its image and solve an identity crisis and feuds are breaking out one between karl rove and sarah palin .

>> sarah palin stole the show. playing more the role of entertainer and stand up comedian than a serious politician. oh, bloomberg is not around our big gulp are safe.

>> reporter: her remarks were debted at karl rove .

>> we don't need washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. if these experts who keep losing election, you keep getting rehired, the architects can head on back to -- they can head on back to the great lonestar state and put their name on some ballot.

>> reporter: rove fired back.

>> if she can plan primaries other people can plan for primaries. if i ran for office and won i would serve out my term.

>> all too often we're associated being anti-everything.

>> reporter: neither bush nor nor palin scored. rand paul and marco rubio took the top spots in the cpac straw poll . as for that republican party autopsy among the big reforms for 2016 , limiting the number of pri primary debates.

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