TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Private jet crashes in Indiana, killing 2

A private plane experiencing mechanical trouble crashed on Sunday in a South Bend, Ind., neighborhood, killing two passengers and injuring two other passengers and one person on the ground. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> in indiana this morning where a private plane has crashed into a neighborhood near south bend . nbc's kevin tibbles is at the scene. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. a private jet apparently experiencing technical problems slammed into this airport area not far from the south bend airport hitting three homes and killing two on board. officials say the plane departed from tulsa, oklahoma and was headed to the south bend regional airport when the pilot radioed for help after experiencing equipment problems.

>> i happened to see the shadow and i said oh, my god, i've never seen a plane this low.

>> reporter: a landing attempt failed.

>> en route one of our engine companies witnessed the airplane go down in the neighborhood.

>> heard jet engines coming over and looked up and a plane was coming toward our house. i thought it would crash into our house.

>> reporter: the private plane a beechcraft premier twin jet like this one hit three homes before landing, nose first into one of the houses killing two of the four people on board.

>> just think it ground. i thought it was going to explode when it hit.

>> reporter: authorities say the crash injured two other people aboard the plane and one person on the ground. all three were being treated at a local hospital. the crash comes just days after a twin engine plane went down late friday afternoon in a fort lauderdale parking lot killing all three people on board.

>> it went down. massive explosion.

>> reporter: back in south bend the community is just thankful that more people weren't hurt.

>> today's incident is the kind of thing that you hope will never happen.

>> reporter: investigators will continue combing the scene just over my shoulder today looking for clues. the ntsb said it will take seven to ten days to come up with a preliminary report as to the cause.

>>> kevin tibbles, thank you. world