TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Winter storms threaten Northeast, Midwest

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports on the paths of two storms that are expected to dump snow on parts of the Midwest and New England, where up to a foot is predicted.

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>>> begin with that new winter storm that's moving across the country right now, dylan dreyer is in for al.

>> we have two storms. they both have a lot of snow with them. the one that's moving into the northeast and mid-atlantic region especially is already producing those alerts for the winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings and mostly interior new england where we'll see the bulk of the heaviest snowfall. even in new york city we're going to see snow move in. you can see it's moving through the washington, d.c. area right now all though it will eventually change over to rain and then it will move into new jersey, to philadelphia up to new york city as we continue through the day. it extends all the way back into chicago where we will see snow turn over to sleet and freezing rain . so this area of low pressure that's back across indiana is going to move to the east and northeast through the morning today and then we're going to see another storm system develop off the mid- atlantic coast and that's the one that's going to bring the heavier snow, especially across new england and then through the ski resorts we'll see up to perhaps a foot of snow through parts of vermont into new hampshire and maine as well. not a blockbuster storm for new york city maybe an inch or so. in boston we'll see several inches of snow come down over the course of today and into tonight as well.

>> they've had some winter so far in boston. thanks very