TODAY   |  March 17, 2013

Next Tiger Woods? Toddler may be golf prodigy

Owen Kopinski isn’t even 2 years old yet, but he does know how to say “golf ball” and can already hit a hole-in-one from several yards away. The toddler shows off his swing on TODAY.

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>> sensation. look at him go.

>> i love it. owen is here with his dad keith this morning. boy, not too shabby.

>> no, not at all.

>> how long has he had these moves here?

>> for about six months. he started out the end of last fall and picked up the club and really hasn't put it down since then.

>> you were putting around one day and he was watching you.

>> he was watching, grabbed my club. when it got cold out, we went indoors, and he picked up the putter and he's been putting and hitting ever since.

>> is this actually practice? or he's just out here playing and doing his thing? is this play time for him?

>> it's play time . when he saw the green out here this morning, he wants the club right away. he'll sit out here all day.

>> he's driving now. but we saw him early yes, he was making putts.

>> yeah.

>> on a fairly regular basis.

>> yeah, he does. he makes them from all distances. he's got a good perception of how far to hit it already at this age.

>> and, you know, of course has some comparisons to tiger woods , started around the same age.

>> yes.

>> where do you see this going?

>> i don't know. you hope it goes down the same line as tiger, but we'll see.

>> does he -- so you are obviously a golfer?

>> yeah.

>> do you see any of your -- you know, any of your swing in his swing, or do you wish you had his --

>> yeah, i wish i had his. i like the way he trps.

>> he has a good grip it and rip it mentality.

>> i told him, that's what i they tell me, tell him to hit it hard and have fun.

>> and you can't really start teaching until 7.

>> yeah, that's what they tell me. if you tell them to do something, they just --

>> well, he might actually hurt himself.

>> that's right. with a regular grip, because he's so young, it might hurt his wrist.

>> now he's doing a little putting.

>> and your dad is here, too.

>> my father-in-law. grandpa.

>> and mom's watching from home.

>> yeah. we have another baby due in another week.

>> maybe another golfer coming.

>> so she can't fly right now.

>> does he talk?

>> he says golf ball and hi. two words. mama.

>> important words.

>> well, owen and keith, thanks for being here. what a great story. we will look out for you guys.

>> thanks for having us.

>> good luck with baby number two.