TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

Jenna Wolfe does roadie work for Third Eye Blind

What does it take to be a roadie? TODAY's Jenna Wolfe recently learned the ropes as a roadie with band Third Eye Blind.

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>> reporter: don't want to be the door. i may have gotten off to an awkward start, but i don't see a roadie road book anywhere.

>> we're going to walk to the venue.

>> reporter: i don't know what they're talking about. this is so easy. this is a good stage, a bad stage?

>> it's really tiny.

>> reporter: not a lot of personal space tonight.

>> no.

>> reporter: so now what happens?

>> now that we know that we have this, we're going to go and look.

>> reporter: good. so that was a wasted trip upstair, and now maybe a hundred real trips upstairs.

>> exactly.

>> reporter: will you be smiling an hour and a half from now?

>> probably.

>> reporter: all right, you ready? let's do it. inside this trailer are 2,600 pounds of gear.

>> you ready?

>> reporter: stretching. and we're about to unload all of it. what is all this stuff?

>> guitars and drums.

>> reporter: to get the job done, i'm going to have to go up more than just stairs. i love this job. the band travels with hundreds of cables and cords, 53 road case , and 20 instruments. all of which needs to be checked. so i said, fine, identify take on the unenviable task of tuning all the instruments. you're good to go. all this work for a 30-minute performance.

>> put the base caps on like this.

>> reporter: i am monitoring all of this. looks good. and that doesn't even include the band's 84 hours of rehearsal, or the 2,100 miles they drove to be here. let me tell you something, i did a lot of pushing, a lot of lifting, a lot of carrying. if it wasn't for me, you guys wouldn't even have equipment up there. tell me about a roadie.

>> sky's the limit. best friend to the crew. they're pirates and just kind of run up, storm the village.

>> reporter: i mean, have you put your set together for this afternoon? when does that happen?

>> no.

>> reporter: you haven't?

>> no, keep it real loose.

>> reporter: real loose? you guys are playing in a half hour. enough chitchat. it's 30 minutes before showtime. there are 7,000 buttons here. let's be real. do you really use three-quarters of the buttons?

>> i don't know what any of them do.

>> reporter: after making sure kelly doesn't need any more of my help, we are ready for a quick sound check , and then the moment the fans have been waiting for. so the next time you go to a concert, show a little love to the rock stars behind the scenes , the roadies, who do all the grunt work to make the music look and sound perfect. no small feat.

>> no.

>> what about load out? they load in, and then they load out. how'd that go for you?

>> i don't know.

>> that's called fly out.

>> i did have to actually make a flight to get out. i'm sure they found a way to get everything off the stage. these guys were awesome. third eye blind, they're sort of making this comeback right now, even though they've still been touring and playing. great guys, young, fun, happy. just love making music. they were so welcoming. so next time they come to town, definitely go check them out.

>> and have the roadies come by.

>> and appreciate the guys that are behind the scenes .

>> and watch the summer concert searry, and an incredible work.

>> yeah, a lot of work.