TODAY   |  March 16, 2013

Rand Paul: GOP is ‘stale and moss covered’

The GOP is doing some soul-searching during their three-day conference in Maryland. Speeches from Rand Paul, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush focused on reaching out to voters and making the Republican Party the party for more Americans. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>> conservative republicans wrap up the three day mega conference. leaders past and present as speakers today. christian welker is of the white house to tell us more about it. gornl.

>> good morning to you. it is a big day at cpac, the straw pal and speeches by sai lib and cruise.

>> with the romney-ryan parepublic ab part y trying to regain footing a rousing welcome for former florida governor and possible 2016 presidentialal con stender jeb bush .

>> the face of the republican party needs to be the face of every american and a party of exclusion and acceptance.

>> earlier in the day a look back at mitt romney addressed the political action conference, the first since his election night speech.

>> i am probably not in the best place to chart the course for the next one.

>> a parthe gop of old is steal and moss cored. i don't think we need to name names.

>> sarah palin and ted cruz are set to take the stage. while some are wondering why donald trump is invited.

>> i think if mitt made one mistake and i like him a lot but if he made one mistake it is that he talk enough about his success because honestly, people really want success.

>> it is who was snubbed that has people talking. gop recognizes stores chris christie and bob mcdonald and some critics warn the party has to change.

>> unless republicans can do outreach to aspiring groups, working class , middle class , they'll have a harder and harder time winning at the mogsal level.

>> on friday rob port manhattan once on the short list and once opposed to same sex marriage says he now supports it. a majority of republicans but democrats support it.