TODAY   |  March 16, 2013

Casino rocked by reported $32 million betting scam

Is it a real-life “Ocean’s Eleven”? Just like the movies, one casino has been hit by what appears to be a classic sting. A high-roller allegedly used the casino’s own security system to play the system and win some serious cash. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>> blam bler goz high tech making after with $30 million from a.

>> the alleged heist was extraordinarily brazen and simple. back into the security cameras , take a peek at the tables and pass the information to a gambler. easy. it is a scene that could within ripped out of the movies whether it is ocean's 11 or lock, stock and two smoking barrels. just like those films, australia's biggest cone is hit by what appears to be a classic sting. a high rolling customer won at least $32 million after an come police hacked in and then let the ear piece to let the gram bler know.

>> the problem with casinos, they believe they are unbleeblal.

>> the man is haned and one other lost his job. it is a favorite celebrity hang out and now it is facing a new holy wootd twist zfrs casinos doents leukemia to talk about this breach in security but frmg federal police are investigating and so far no one is arrested.