TODAY   |  March 16, 2013

Did Pope Francis have a young romance?

The sister of Pope Francis told reporters that her brother was in love with a girl when he was young and went to church to pray about it. She said it was at that moment that he “felt the call“ to serve the church. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> morning with pope francis outlining his vision. he held an audience with the media this morning. kooer simmons was there. just being himself, that said, he did read from notes perhaps reflecting the importance of an audience of journalists that can beam his message around the world.

>> pope france sis facing the president for his new home in this morn this were morning laying out his vision for the church. in his relaxed style he was even joking with jurjists. he worked raelg hard, he told hem.

>> the media should read into the hope's actions, not just his words but there is one u.s. cardinal that helps electricity him.

>> he see how he react, what he did and that he is very important.

>> he is already using a new style. look at the simple white robe and his prech, often chooses not to at this time on the, and even catching a bus with fellow cardinals, a method of getting around he is famous for.

>> we'll see a papal. this is a man that refused to live and the bishops tell us he took the bus to work like millions of other people.

>> there are questions. pope francis stumbling briefly. at 76 he is not the younger man some predicted and his past, the vatican hitting back that he did not do enough to protect two priest tortured in 1987 .

>> there is never an ak indication concrete or credible in his regards. they reveal left twinged elements that are used to alook the church.

>> one hasn't been denied and a little unexpected, his sister criming there was once roman. he was in love with a girl, she said, and went to church and pray and at that moment felt the call.

>> and now also 76, a 12-year-old pope trance sis declared undo youing love for her. she protected him and he vowed to become a priest and if shoe she is one woman that will change the course of history.

>> he chose that after when he was elected a cardinal and said remember the poor. it is certainly i day rnl. i know what a privilege can can be to the job sometimes and ifs able to take rosery beads in and have them and i will take them back to members of my family.

>> nice to have that report this morning. thank you.