TODAY   |  March 16, 2013

Not your average joe: Lester samples Italian espresso

In Rome, Italians “predi un cafe,” meaning you “take a coffee,” not “have one.” And they say the secret to delicious coffee is in the water. TODAY’s Lester Holt reports.

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>>> lester returned in the wee hours last night from rome where he is covering the conclave. you managed to find a moment to drink in the culture, perfect for you who loves a good espresso.

>> truly. like so many times they prepare and consume coffee with flaer and they have their own lingo. for coffee purists.

>> we have coffee finally.

>> there is no place like rome where trending cafe meaning you take a coffee , not have one.

>> it is take. not like american coffee .

>> people come to rome for the ancient ruins, fashion, food and wine. part of the real roman experience is downing an espresso or mac ought owe at the coffee bar , none more famous than here.

>> we heard it was the best coffee .

>> and locals.

>> very strong.

>> at times the line here stretches out the door.

>> 2,000 people a day.

>> 2,000 people a day?

>> yes.

>> the baristas are under as much pressure as the steam that foams the mill.

>> you must have to work very quickly.

>> it is crazy. it is very exciting thing at the end of the day work.

>> it is not quite like american things.

>> lat day.

>> you can take it to go in you want but italian coffee is normally consumed right at the bar in prewarm the ceramic cups. a grand a ven ti don't exist here.

>> okay. i show you.

>> ristretto is a short shot. machiatto a shot of milk and mungo with more water.

>> it is one of the best in the world.

>> making for a roman coffee experience that can't be ruined.

>> i was going to bring it back but i couldn't get the baggy to get it on the airport.

>> worth a shot.

>> worth a shot.