TODAY   |  March 16, 2013

Not again! More Carnival cruise ships face trouble at sea

Stranded passengers are flying back to the U.S. from St. Maarten today as another Carnival Cruise Lines ship cuts a trip short due to mechanical problems. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> new troubles for carnival cruises . passengers on a stranded ship are flying back home after their ship malfunctions in the caribbean. just one of the latest in a serious of mishaps tore the cruise company. gabe is at orlando international airport where some of those passengers will arrive later today.

>> good morning. passengers of the carnival greem started streaming in friday and we expect that to continue this as they deal with a series of negative headlines.

>> this morning some passenger that is flew back to florida on chartered flights are finishing their trip home. they have been standed since wednesday because of a broken back up generator.

>> we were treated fabulously.

>> others are not.

>> it has not been a dream.

>> i am diabetic and have to take medication, and they have no elevator service.

>> the dream, one of three carnival cruises reporting problems in a week, the legend had trouble with the propulsion system , setting back to tampa after a stop was canceled and theylation reported a steering issue and all a month after the disaster above the triumph, an engine fire that stranded them in the gulf of mexico for four days. in the letter from senator jay rockefeller , head of the transportation committee, the carnival ceo blasting the cruise line safety record. he has promised a comprehensive review of 23 ships. the recent headlines haven't seem to hurt carnival's bottom line . the company reported upbeat earnings on friday although analysts suspect it may roll out good deals to retain customers.

>> these are seen as anomalies by cruisers and they're prepared in short-term to put out incentive sdps bargains and consumers expectedly will respond in kind.

>> most of the dream passengers we spoke with with were satisfied. necessity have apologized to customers and in addition to paying for flights home offering a partial re if i understand and half off a future cruise.