TODAY   |  March 16, 2013

How Pope Francis chose his name

It has been a whirlwind week for Pope Francis, but he took some time out to talk with the world’s press, revealing how he chose his famous name. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> pope francis. the new pope outlined his vision for the catholic church . kooir is at the vatican for us.

>> it was extraordinary to be in the same room for him and to witness the informal style we have seen him use over the last few days, almost chatting with the journalist. he told one story how he decided to choose his new name. he was given a hug by his friend and the cardinal whispered in his ear remember the poor and at that moment in his heart he sought of sir fraps sis a sis i r sis and to choose that name. spent moments away from the thrown talking to people one-on-one and the people in the audience, the journalists, asking questions about his age, 76, and the vatican having to push back against suggestions he did not do enough to help two arg tin an priests in 1976 . the cvatican saying it is not a true story . he was making the journalists laugh saying you borkd very hard. we're hearing today he will go and visit the pope emeritus next saturday at gan bolfo. in three days he will be officially installed as leader of the catholic church . father robert barron is an n br c analyst. nice to see you.

>> weather has improved since the last time.

>> a little rainy when we were there. let me ask you about the style so for. he is demonstrating humility, sense of humor and those are style lis particular things. how will that translate into how he will lead the roman dat lick church?

>> i think we're seeing the style. they call the preferential option for the poor . the bishops in 1968 gathered and put that forward as a defining element of the church and it was picked up by john paul the ii and i think what we heard is that the church exists preferentially for the poor and he is putting a face on that idea. that's a powerful dynamic.

>> it shows a managerial style to the extent he told 230eks don't come, use the money and give it to the poor. what does that say to those that work at the vatican about the kind of boss he will be?

>> quite a bit. pope benedict says itty advantage lies, worships god and takes care of the poor. if that's one of the top priorities of the church's life, then in everything we do there has to be a preferential option. i think someone with baroque splendor how beautiful it is but if did stand between the church and the people.

>> we hear reform and clearly there are problems in the catholic church , the abuse scandal pop among them and some think of changing it in a doctrinal way. is that going to happen under this pope?

>> no. the pope preserves the doctrine and will teach the same. it is not a question of changing doctrine. this is our president he will swear to preserve, protect the constitution. something similar here. he can change the focus, the emphasis, the style, certainly, and that pope is certainly doing that.

>> father robert baron , good so see you. looks like a gorgeous day there in rome. what happened when i was