TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

3 ways to tackle terrible tile in the bathroom

Designer Frank Fontana shows some simple ways you can tackle tile problems in your bathroom, including DIY grout cleaning, fixing cracked or broken sinks, and modernizing without repainting.

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>>> with amazing low-budget solutions that won't break the bank or your back.

>> frank fontana is the ahor of "frank foana's dirty little secrets of design

>> l's talk about cleanin the tile.

>> syou know, grt issues are erybody's pain in the butt. if you didn't do it righ which what mean by that is seang your gro with a sealer like this you ju put it in the grout nes, i stops you getti to thisoint whi ithe cleanin process. i've got three ecofriendly opons andne an dustrial.

>> if you want t grab the goggleand-

>> steam involved it hurts her hair.

>> hot and strong -- y see that it insntly gets intohe grout line, pull it is rht up and doesn't cost you much. you can get one ofhese for around $50.

>> that wil work fldout?

>> bause it gets sohot. if not you put a little b of this on, a mixture ofhite vinegarnd wate

>> good old vigar.

>> you spray itow if it works.

>> we believe you, fran

>> scrub itdown, you can get into the groines and hit it with a stmer.

>> i non of that works,o industrialith something like th fro gic,t's a grout clner. rayt on, scrub it, let it sit for a coue of minutes,t will get out most of the grout issues.

>> an you regrout over it

>> it's clean at tha point. but if y can't get it out, frank.

>> if they do, they sell grout paint. it's aen thatoesight in e middle of . problemsolved

>> there you go.

>> is that difficult?

>> , i had another solution for you,hich is no out, kaielee. if you're doing the kitchenver and u ha an opportunity to art esh andou don't ever wanto deal with gro issues --

>> ever agai

>> kill it, do a little bead of silicone, bump your tiles together just ke this. ghup against each other. i don't commd it without doing tiny bead. busehite caulk and it will ok butif.

>> you c clk aft at?

>> or use o of tse seers. but i don't recommend it.

>> that'shat hoda would do.

>> and your tile is chipd, just keeoing witit. 's all scratched ? th happens from time to time. and you don'tant to throw ouyour who bathom.

>> ith porcelain chip fix from magic, you can mitch ts two-part epoxy gether. it's like white-ou for your tile, you pntt on.

>> nd then what? and it slowly fills in the nes. you have t reapy.

>> now if youeot aink issu porcelain sink you can usehis to f the chips in herend this pductere which is a refinishg t from mac. spray it rht on, it's an epy, you mix it togeer,nce it seals, it looks brand new, under $35.

>> finalirls --

>> it's women, acally

>> ladi. wre fine.

>> carefu you sure you don't want to talk aut -

>> no.

>> showerallehind you, check out. ifouidn' wan a mo, you don't wa t breakour back. i've gotheluti, it' called milestone. i' show you how tose it. mistone n g or any surfac especially tile. you seal it with a waterproof seer. it'soing to be gunky, smell and loud.

>> while youe dog this, we're going to ha to say go-bye.

>> i kw that you --

>> are smoh --

>> and that's what i prefer.

>> as we hea out to