TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

What are the most fun things to do in NYC?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda answer questions from viewers, revealing some of their favorite things to do in New York City as the weather gets warmer.

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>>> time for three two one li, sara is hging out witthe crd over at t nbc experience store.

>> it's a pretty wdy owd. firsup, jenferrom texas. w that it's warmer in t city, what are som fun things to do?

>> like anything outside, love centralpark. ifouake a stroll through there and see everything. i love the city lite italy. all of the plas when hehey t warm is beautifu

>> the hh le is new and a lot fu it's good time to go down and explorsome of the lite neighborhos, that are downtownthat are comptely, you can't believe you're still in manhattan. yoveone from the upp west si or -- harlem dow the and it likemany, many ltle different worlds.

>> now wave a sprin bak question -- and can i tell u? for st. patrick's da you've t to go to neery's an have corned beef and cabbage .

>> you lk too yngo drink, so don't do that.

>> wt's your favite spot? your spring break spot and memory?

>> well --

>> hoda likeso tak her laing strip to --

>> sp, i'm going to stop bringingt . at's t endf that discussion.

>> wre do you go?

>> i not awering th. ion't remember spring break , w about th?

>> i used to go to bible cam during my singbreak.