TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Kid baker gives anchors a taste of creative cupcakes

Lyla Padden, 13, talks about her online cupcake baking business, which sells 30 dozen cupcakes a month. She also gives the TODAY anchors a taste of some of her creative cupcake flavors, including a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake made with stout.

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>> ownonline cupcakeusiness called flourgal.c. liljisere alo wh her m, monica. go morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> how did younow you ve this passion for king

>> y grandma wld bri treats when s came to visit and i wanted to ma tres just like thato i developed passion for baking.

>> you're selling 30 doz cuakes moh. are yo surpred at her succes monica?

>> nott all, no. e is just very driven child, we're very pro of her.

>> a talented one. the first one is fascinating a mexicalijalapeno jellyith an avocado buttcream.

>> yes. the afvocado jelly is a recipe you can put on cream cheese or cracke. yo take the core and core the cupcake. you wanto try it?

>> i'll give it a try, pl tt out like th.

>> and squeeze tt in.

>> is is a sweet spicy thin

>> yes is ver savory.

>> then you have your icing here.

>> swirl tt oike that.

>> very ne just like that, and yove got something that's perfec for st. patrics day.

>> the dublin, it is a chocolate cup takith stout in it and thenrish cam frosting. how did you come up withhis coinatn? my dad,e's irish and he saidou need toak a cupcake for all the ish people out there i did.

>> and monicyou're okay with her handling beer and baey's iriscream? yes, i buy all the ingrednts r he

>> that'sfantastic. that is really great. perft for irish eyes , they'll be smiling. what's the last one?

>> this is a lilja origal and it has a lon buttercream, a vanilla cake and rasprry fillg.

>> are you hoping to be onef thoseupake war typ people open u your own cupca shop?

>> i'm hoping to win cupcake wa.

>> y wano be on cupca rs. ybe they'll do cupcake wars jr.

>> tt would be awesome.

>> ou wan to move and take king courses?

>> i want t focus more o business so if ever do lose my passn for baking can do another busiss.

>> i don't see that happening.

>> not with what you created, that is fanttic.

>> hi, delicious. what is your