TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Teen fashionista shows off designs, talks inspiration

Courtney Allegra started designing clothes at age 12, and four years later she has a collection of 50 pieces. She shows off some of her designs, talks about how she gets inspired, and gets some advice from veteran designer Rachel Roy.

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>> mos teen girls are worried about school, bs a tir friends, butur nex "sr of tomorrow" is busy building a fashn empire,eet 16-year-old urey allegra, herealongse very wl establish fashion designer rache roy. good morning, laes. good morng.

>> i'm sporting one of courtney's design a vest and skir you ve 50 pieces in you colltion a started designing at the age of .

>> ye

>> let me bringutome ofour coecti here. i instantly thoug rihanna, funky, edgy, downto. classy but at thsame te fu you see the nn isn a-li shape and it sws enough ofour leg but also t balmer jacket is cropd so is slimming and super cute tur around in the bber jacket, you hav the name on the back with t yellow urtn allea. wherdid y find your spiration?

>> i fnd m inspirati everywhe, travelg, dfere movi even.

>> wow.

>> and rachel, you've bnn e busine a longtime. i ve.

>> you started out yng a well. not as tstoriedlady.

>> whatoes she have

>> s has an idea and she implementeit and not many ople dth. t of us hav an idea but not llin to work it through so for r to take sketch and find theabric a a pattern ke a get i made that just shows her dedication and chsing a passion doe't feel like works ch.

>> howo you balance it with schoolnd t other tngs that 16-yr-olds do. u're a norma 16eaold rl.

>> i'm bu, i haveo social li anymoreut ieall love doing s i'm going to stick to it.

>> it's youredicion d passio what abo her brand? ho does sheevelophe courtney allegra and? we spent some timeogethe yesterday and got t learn a lot more about h buthey would say and the best advice i got when i was fir starting out is to really have a point of viewtoefend it to define it and to stick t ito matter what is gng on, what trend argoing on, really kw who you're designing for and als at i love, you alrdy have e-mmerce.

>> he's g a website.

>> she haser own website a you'relwaygoing to ve a customer if you have yourwn bsite. yodon't veo depen on others a that's key as well

>> that's great advice any person can te butspecially ki out there. you're working on which collection n? as you see t neon is spring and the oer twore pre-fall.