TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

What’s hot in entertainment, celebrity gossip, style

Experts Ramin Setoodeh of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Jennifer Peros of Us Weekly, and Lori Bergamotto of Lucky magazine share the hottest news and trends in their fields, including new movie “Spring Breakers,” the latest on Miley Cyrus’ engagement, and trendy green accessories.

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>>> ne whas up and what' in. everything you need to get rdy for the weekend from our teaof folks in the know.

>> et'sick this oith what's new in the world o enrtainment. ramin, good toee you.

>> good morning, ma.

>> wha aotf childhood ars growgp a wetart with agail breslin in"the call" ov the weekd.

>> she was 10 when she was nominated for "ltle ms sunshine." she'16 now a plays hh school teenager who goes to the ll and getsbdted b this irdo creepy creek and halle bey is on the other end the 911 line and it's a thriller.

>> thi is a big leap here a uple of dney star vessa hudgens a selena gome

>> this was explicit, alst rad nc-17, bh women a in their s, trying torow up, eyo on spring break and meet james franco this gold tthed character t parents need te cautioned because there's a l of senudity,rug und violence.

>> ow do you think the aience ll feel about the leap the two ladies are making?

>> i tnkudiences sultay home and see their next ess.

>> sa fanng, ster of dakota fanning , a new movie coming out

>> he was in"we bought zo and playing a london teenar coming of story in limed rease.

>> savaah?

>>> what's up, jennifer paros is aeporter for s weekly." good toeeou..

>> mey cyr and lia hemsworth, gting married but troublin paradi? ty might bnhe rock liam was stt i ausal last ek,iley spottedithout he engagement twice as we last week. nothing confirmed ye obviouslsomethinis going on since peoplere talking about it but ocourse we're hopin this pair works.

>> goodewsor michael buble , exct antfather.

>> expecti a baby boy with h wife, justbouto celebrate their twyear anniversary. funn the fnd out ty were ving a baby the day pop franciwas announced a his wife is argentinean. great week.

>> new pope, new baby, exciting stuf fans of "jersey ore"ejce the is a unioncoming it'nice t s the union isn' for them to party it , it actually to thank volueers helpiut in rebuilding from hurrica sandy so ty'llave a huge conrt in aanticity so it should be fun, seaside heights , defitely a place this gro met and fell in love wh each other and became famous so obviously was rd-hit area of the jersey shore .

>> the sho put themn the map, gd forhem to reyhe favor. this next one i'm fcinad , rort reorew docenry where he risit"ahe presidents men."

>> a huge hit fromhe 1970s and should be interesting toee that he's coming out wit t o-hour documenty, jon stewart , tom brokaw , lists of 25 her pele w are participatinin this. pretty cool. how did justin timberlake week go o fallon?

>> timberweekreat succs. was the fst te ever he appeared five timesn a late night show so hpy f justin timberlake . he h had a he yearo far.

>> jennife paris from " u weekly "ood to he you. he's tamron.

>>> fally wt's in and trending i t wld of fashion and auty lori bergamato good moing.

>> good rning.

>> florals are the h thing for spng.

>> verything is blooming florals, taon. we have dress, head to toe oral that' from mage london and jt use i as an acnt to lighten up your spring rdrobe, h&m, loftthe p, affordable, aessible places, pa itith some neutl.

>> my fore color green is in.

>> green is the colo ofhe arut not just emera green, it's mint a hunter greens n just f st. patrick's day. all seas long,o we ve a bagromkohl, $35, chaing charley andven jewelry which is huge. everybody at lucky and here at today s going nuts or this tch, it'srom shop op, under $100. you can get fun, adorble things, that mintuffnder $30 baublebar. u ar wearing a ankle strap. i wanted to disl the fashion myth that ale straps make you look hot. you wt i lshan an inch, banana republic the ank stress i lesshan an inch.

>> and makeup?

>> all about aot bright pink