TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Wacky wedding registries: Cars, fish tanks, more

Forget plates and silverware – these days engaged couples are registering for quirkier gifts like cars, Kegerators, fish tanks that double as toilets, and more. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> wding registries are traditionaas weddings themsees. couples a now askg things far from the norm. jenna woe jos us.

>> you me, not married, thawa english. picking out the perfect gift the easiest way is off the gistry, china, glassware, maybe a juicer if you're adventurou these ds more coues are inkingway, waytside the x. stick a carrt any car part windows, wipers, dashboards o door all par of a new kind of wishist for the happy couple. it's kind of cry.

>> vy crazy.

>> reporter: crazy or t, brandi and michael saidhy not en they saw ts dodge dar commercial. a wsite that works like weing real streeut f a car.

reporr: a few click later the car went to e restry. your best frien will logon and maybbuy you steeringheel and maybe a friend buy you the muler and they put the parts together?

>> you start wh the basic car, you pick the color and the feures like fog lights or eering wel and it starts racking up your price.

>> reporter: if rking up weddg wheels isn't your thing not toworry, you can dream big . these days it's araveew world when it comes to wedding restries and brave as in just about anything's possible

>> now the flood gatesre open, you n add absolely anything from any store on th plet.

>> reporter: ditch the dishes good-bye glasswarenday ciao to the ina. bucking traditi is gaining traction and nancy l of ss itall.

>> w s robots, fish tanks and ings tt traditionly anybody woullook at i and say oa that's whacky for aridal registry.

>> the robot a the fish tank whh doubles for a toilet. kegerar beer keg , a submarine or thinkeay big like a prateisland. whacky wedng regtries are t a passing fad.

>> one couple'shacky is anothercouple's sires.

>> repter: as for michael and brandy the big days a few months down the road an the road is exactlyhere ty'd li to be. kind o at. yh. rorte bui you own c andour friends pay forit.

>> it's awome.

>> one of the hottest trendss goodld-fashied cash, it's easy practic