TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Two more Carnival ships plagued by troubles at sea

The Carnival Legend is heading back to Tampa early after experiencing a “technical issue” while passengers on Carnival Dream will be flown home early due to a problem with the backup emergency generator. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> cnival cruise lines d the vacations of tusands of passenger gabe gutierrez has the latest in ami, good morning.

>> reporte savanh good morning. this latest incentnvols carniv's "legend" a day after the "dre" prlems. all thi isappening jus a few days after the company's ceo promised a comprehensive vestigation of i fleet thi followg la moh's "triumph" disaster. proble aboard two carniva ips inwo ys. egen slowed down over a technil issue. its visit torand cayman canceled as it sloy hdsack taa, this as 5,700 passengers and crew of t carnival ream" are waking up in st. martin, their vacation cut short.

>> tngs bakdown, they can't help it.

>> reporter: on wedsday the crew discored a problemith the ship backup emergency diesel generator . carnival sayshe dock shi never lost power and elevators and ateast o restroom stopped worng for a fewhours. "the dream" wasnheast l of aseven-daruis now passgers will hde hom on flights pai for b carnival. the company extended their sincere apologies.

>> it'sike a rul port day, no trouble.

reporter: some passengers cracked jokes on twitter, how darehey strand us on a opical isla. others were not amused.

>> arnival better step u to the plate becae isot looking good for th.

>> reporter: a much less dire situation for carnival st month when 200assengers we stranded in the gf of mico for ve days, no per, no rking toilets and no runni water. exrts wonde how custors ll react to the recent probms. for the iustrys a whole it puts a black eye on .

>>eporr: "the drm's" voyage onaturda has been canceled. he legend's" trip i cut srt andarnival i giving all passengers a partial refund and haff future crui.