TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Pope Francis holds audience with cardinals

The newly elected pope met this morning with the cardinals who appointed him less than 48 hours ago, reportedly refusing to deliver the homily prepared for him in favor of speaking to them off the cuff. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> to the vicanhere pe francis ddressing his cardinals as he settles into h role as lear of the vatican chch. natalie is at the vatican , good morning to you.

>> good morning to you, savannah. style and sstan we're seeg a n ton of the papacy, a messagof simplicity, shunnin wealth andmility. pope francis w gting o the thro and just smbled the, pring he i human and proving that hes not perfect. his first ms before th thuray according to reports, the po refused to en deler e homily that was prepared f him and chose to preac off the cuffsing h own wordsnd not from the papa throne but from the pulpit like a regular parish apeciate in clementine hal at vatican ty thiorning the collegef cardinals hadn audience with eir new boss,ope francis m thhe group wholected him less than 48 hours ago along with tseot allowed to vote because ofn age restrtion80 and ov. tomoow the popeeetshe world ess where he' expected toutline his vion f the church, one sure tonclu his deep concern for the poor. pope francis , coming out of latin america , is vy much impaioned by a desireo me e churc prese to peoplin the suffering.

>> reporr: in buos aires where he spent most of his life chbishop bergoglio is beved.

>> tralar: everye has a picture th them, pictures of ofheir confmation, first communion, pictures of when he came to visit.

>> reporter: tre iebate wh he was a pest durg argentina's dirty war . meuman rights activists say he failed toonfrt the military dictatorship tt kidnapped andille tusands of its opponents. known for his humilitye avoided the luxuries afforded a cardial,ptin to catch a b or a sway iteadf a auffeur-driven car. that didn'thange whee became pope.

>> we had the car used for 12 days i thoug we're bac to norm and they had the pullmans to take uo st. martha's. he got on that. heaid that' okay, i'l go withhe cardinals. isn't that beautiful?

>> reporte inrgtinahey ll francis the slumope because he was known to visit theos danrous parts to preach to th poor a consered to one of their own. omn sunday from tt window, pope francis will deliver his firs noon bssin befor t thousas whwill be here in st. peter'square and as he will do from nownvery sunda asong as he is here at the vatican . savaah? natalie morales at the