TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Fans raise $3 million for ‘Veronica Mars’ movie

In just days, fans of cancelled TV show “Veronica Mars” raised over $3 million on fundraising website Kickstarter to finance a movie based on the cult hit. The show’s creator, Rob Thomas, promised to begin shooting this summer. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>>> call to fund aov versn and thmoy is poung .

>> his is eargest proct the htory of kickstarter, raising more th $2 mlion in te hours. theotals wl over $3 lliothis morningnd "veronica ma" fan aearo be well on their w to see the show on the big scen. when robbi thoma wand to make a movie show, he did not he go to a studio,e went straight heans and boy d they respond.

>> ohy god, $3 millio

>> h suggested to kristen bell that they try kickarter t reach loyal fans

>> i'd say we havehe fs fund the movi

>> if we reach our fd-raising goal we'll shoot the movie this summ.

>> fans contributed an avera of $50 apie, but wt didhey get?

>> for $2,500 they could be an extra wh veronica rs.

>> or $400 they' personalize your voice mail or ontwitter.

>> one psonlayed $ 1000 to have apeaking role.

>> i pla awaiter, it's a renaissance.

>> ther kickstt pjects including indyecord albs and fashion like the griz coat, projects that mak fs tly invest.

>> this could be a model employed over and ov. hollywood is looking us as sortf the guinea pig . venica, honey, could i seeou in the kitche

>> hi shos over. we've enff t a for yes. six years. the veronica ms lasted tee seons and endedn 2007 .

>> we'veot somethinghat was a cult hit.

>> ult hitith fans now willing to payor more than just a tket and a chance t se their show u on the big scen. some more than 4900 have ready contributed to the campaign, it sll has 2 days to go but beyond " veronica mars " this kistarter thing is citing because y can fund all of these independent projec.