TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Former bank CFO: ‘I missed out’ by not having kids

In the wake of Sheryl Sandberg’s controversial new book advising women to “lean in” to their careers, former Lehman Brothers CFO Erin Callan tells NBC’s Ann Curry she “leaned in far” and advises young women, “don’t do it like me.”

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>>> wk and fami, dropd by one of the big powerlayers on wal street, aovgp-ed i the "new yormes" former lehn brotrs e erin callan ope up the regrethe feels for puing her career ahead o her personal life , the oppite o what you hear from oer top women in busine. ann cry spoke with callan exclively.

>>eporr: erin call is a surprisingew voice in the growing national discussion out women at work.

>> tak the seat at the table, tell pple you wt to lead, atev it mht be but jt be aware of what mayomerom that.

reporter: she wasnce cfof lean brothe. she completelyisappear from e public e after the bank's demise and say she stian't discuss it for legalreasons. his elusive interew shs adding her voice to the ea pseed by sheryl sandberg .

>> do n ln back, lean in put your foo on that gas pal and kp i there unt the day you have to me a decision, and then make a decision.

>> reporter: as the something the message that sryl sandberg was sding o that spked you to wt to speak out now?

>> s, and also in termsf some of the reaction tohat messe, a i wld probably look at myself as seoneho lived that message, and i did achieve great sucss i my career. i'must trying to provide bit of what i'll call a warning label that,hey, there something ee tohink about as you're leang in so to speak.

>> repter: y hav leaned in.

>> i leaned i far, very far. i had many young wen over ti at've tried give advice to, guidance to, and iould always be ver honest and say dot do it like me

>> rorter: ou mentioned conseqnces, what are they a lot ofhingsuring my career that i missedut , events, relationships with ople, birthday parties, just spendi time with friends and fami and enjing , and enjoying myself. there was a big thi i missed out on whi is i didn't have children.

>> reporter: n 47 ,rin callan trying to have children and fering a le lesson she wishes somne h offeredher.

>> i wanted to b a littl bit sort of a cautionar tale, like you can achieve, you c acmpli, yo c hav an amazing career with great success, evenn a male dominated field that idid,ut be careful what you wish for and the choices thaou make

>> that s annurry portg. you caneeor of ann's sry on "rk cter wit brian williams tonight 10:09 :00 central time here onnb muchiscussionteems in the last cple months about is difficulty people are havi, men and women,n finding balance between work and life

>> and it actually new research show this is not a problem exclusive to women. lot of dads are confessing t feeling some glt about not spdingnough time athome. we'll have results o the rearch to talk about.

>> almost 50%f fathers say th feel glty not snding enough time with their children so thell tal abo how you coul perha allevia that guilt.