TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Boys, 9 and 10, saved baby with CPR

Rocky Hurt, 9, and Ethan Wilson, 10, rushed to the aid of a Georgia woman when her 12-week-old baby stopped breathing, showing her the correct way to perform CPR on an infant. They are now being credited with saving the baby’s life.

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>> motr save the life of her yng sousanna rome, ther of 12-week-d isaias sting iher livi room when she noticed something was wrg wither son.

>> he seemed non-responsive to my sle so at that point i put finger underis nose a reized he wasn't brthing.

>> she ran outsidend found rockhurd a 10-year-old ethan lson at the street. wwere outhere pying football and somebodyelled called 91

>> bacinside rome panicked.

>> contiing to scream, not knowing what to do and rocky ru in, who i ner met and he standing behind me.

>> rorr: romeayshe splashed water on the baby's face a began to do r when e bo stopped r.

>> and iust said, ts cpr, you' not doingtcorrectly. iold her t push on the baby's chest fiv to ten tesith only two fingers, tiltack the baby's head

>> plug the nose. plug the se.

>> and breathento the mouth.

>> the babymouth. heaid i so confidently i listen to him right aw. withieconds the bab respded, a short time after, paramedics arved.

>> because bab aiah, he like screamed and i toild h that' a good sign because theaby is eathin

>> reporter: the boys said they've been friends since they were toddlers learned how to d r two months ago fromigns post in eischool caferia.

>> w wanted to know in ce it ppened but w ner knew we' have to do that.

>> n our live