TODAY   |  March 14, 2013

5 destinations for a spring break getaway

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel + Leisure shows off a handful of great spring break destinations. Her alternatives include a resort in Jacksonville, Fla.; Washington D.C., for cherry blossom time, and Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

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>>> on today's travel, if you haven't planned a spring getaway just yet, there's still time .

>> whether you're dreaming of lounging on a beach in florida, or pulling up to a pool bar in st . kitt 's, we have " travel and leisure 's" digital project editor.

>> there's time to get a good deal?

>> all of these deals are less than $300 a night. so let's get to them.

>> let's go to st . kitt 's.

>> st . kitt 's, it's the island that the caribbean tourism forgot. it's the undiscovered beaches, the st . kidt's marriott resort. beautiful blue umbrellas and lounge chairs on a white sand beach , there is your spot. there's pools and a swim-up beach bar. and a spa and a gym and a pineapple papaya body scrub. it sounds so good i want to eat it. and it starts at $199 a night.

>> it's starting to be the off-season a little bit.

>> exactly.

>> how about jacksonville.

>> it's lively crowds, popular, crowded, if you want some of that but want to stay a little away. one ocean resort rates their start at $179 a night. it's quiet and beautiful. you're just five minutes from the bars and everything, so there's lots to do. i was talking about affordability. i was searching for flights later this month. round trip from new york. $350. it doesn't get any better than that. a great affordable escape.

>> what about the west coast , california?

>> here we come.

>> california, we know we love it, the destination close to my heart. carmel valley , just 120 miles south of san francisco . this is quail lodge. what i love about it is that it's been recently renovated to the tune of $28 million. not even open yet, it opens on march 26th . so talk about a new car smell, this is a brand new resort. and they actually even have a great land cruiser experience. so if you want to turn around and do some adrenaline-pumping driving, this is your place and there's golf.

>> and how far is that from carmel by the sea?

>> just inland.

>> a quick drive.

>> that by itself has to be visited.

>> it's so beautiful.

>> quiet, if you're looking for something bucolic, that's your spot.

>> washington, d.c., the cherry blossoms ?

>> the festival starts on march 20th . they're expecting the peak day to be march 26th . this is a great spot, the liaison capital hotel, located, the closest hotel to the capitol, within walking distance of the national mall and the smithsonian. they'll do a great deal for you. $175, they throw in all sorts of picnic stuff and cherry and chocolate cookies and it's a really great and fun deal.

>> you can go to the gym, too.

>>> and jackson hole , wyoming.

>> if you're looking to get one last-ditch effort down the slopes, this is your place, they had 28 feet of snow this year. it's really beautiful. this is spring creek lodge, so if you're looking to go skiing and to explore the wilderness, they have an on-site naturalist who can point out the fox and bald eagles . $87 per person, per night. they throw in a free ski pass. it's a really affordable way to get down the slopes this spring.

>> she did it again.

>> thanks.

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