TODAY   |  March 14, 2013

Two hard-working ladies get fresh makeovers

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin snag two deserving ladies from the TODAY show plaza crowd to get some trendy new clothes and revitalizing makeovers.

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>>> ladies who were plucked off our plaza just today.

>> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- louis liccari la la la la la

>> and "people" contributor editor and new author very soon -- jill martin.

>> how was the crowd?

>> today was a great one. " today show " always has a great crowd. the kids were on break, today was big.

>> wow, julie , what we started with our doggie outfits. 44 years old from fond du lac , wisconsin, so busy being a single mom to her two boys she had no time to focus on herself. she jumped at the chance to get pampered, let's listen to her story.

>> well it's clear why were you picked out of the crowd. but sheryl , what do you think about this for julie ?

>> she works hard, she deserves it. she needs something new.

>> you could barely see your mouth as you're taking.

>> you have to take your udders off.

>> i've never said that line before. i know you told me you've been through a lot and really want this.

>> yes. i do.

>> ha do you think your boyfriend is going to think?

>> a new me when i get home.

>> julie is joined by her friend, sheryl , who also got made over. and she's here with a couple of friends and colleagues, janet and doc. let's take one last look at julie before. julie , come out and show us the new you. all right. doc, all right janet , take off your blindfolds.

>> wow!

>> we got a whoa and a wow.

>> jill, you ready? step here and turn around.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> wow.

>> spin right around and look at that camera.

>> tell us about the hair.

>> julie is a petty hair and i simply took, it was an effort to make her look prettier. i lightened and brightened her hair.

>> and then maiuki gave her her this simple bob hair cut . bobs are so flirty. this is a new length for longer hair. it's very attractive, very flattering and very practical.

>> janet , what do you guys think?

>> excellent. unbelievable.

>> jodie foster there.

>> oh.

>> tell us about the dress. it's perfect.

>> i didn't snow what she looked like. this is from maggie london. you're wearing one of the biggest trends right now, the exposed zipper on the side. and then just layering with gold and silver , metallics are really in.

>> adorable.

>> julie , why don't you stand with your pals and please face the wall.

>> we'll bring our second lady, sheryl hershey, from elkhart lake , wisconsin. she told us her daily beauty routine, is taking a shower. and she's here with the crowd, let's take one last look at her there. and let's bring out --

>> besides taking off the udders -- ha else do you think about this?

>> well sheryl works hard herself and she really deserves to have something new.

>> are you excited for this?

>> you bet.

>> what is your husband going to think?

>> i'm not sure he'll notice.

>> we've heard that before.

>> take off your hat quickly so everybody can see. are you ready for all of this?

>> oh yes, you bet!

>> they both have great faces and great senses of humor. you know the crowd, let's take a last look at sheryl and bring out the new sheryl .

>> wow!

>> sheryl .

>> everybody, you ready?

>> turn around, let's go, let's take a look.

>> i can't see.

>> you turn around, please, sheryl and look right in the mirror.

>> oh, my gosh. yeah!

>> you like?

>> it's different.

>> give you a few moments to fall in love with yourself.

>> lewis, big change?

>> big change. this is we sovereigned the hair color , when you do have dark hair, once the dark hair starts to go, do go a little softer. you don't have to be a blonde, but you should be a softer brown, a big tip here and keep the makeup very natural. lighter, thin makeup keeps you younger, less is more.

>> and miyuki's great haircut.

>> ready for spring on this freezing day. this is from london times , this is paired with a skinny belt, she has a little waist, so we put on a bigger belt to emphasize it more.

>> look at you ladies.

>> louis.

>>> a couple of students put the irish saying to the test. like when i ran to catch the train to work and a draft blew