TODAY   |  March 14, 2013

Celebrate St. Patty’s with DIY style, food, décor

If you haven’t prepared for St. Patrick’s Day this coming weekend, don’t panic. Lifestyle expert Brit Morin shares her DIY tips for everything from St. Patty’s-inspired shoes to shamrock cupcakes.

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>> all right, al. thanks, this morning on happy st . patrick's day today, diy green , this sunday going to need a little more than green beer and shamrock shakes for a good party. lifestyle expert.

>> today's your lucky day .

>> this is it. we're getting lucky today.

>> we're going with green diy today, keep you pinch-free for the weekend. now we're starting off with some wearables. the key is to keep it subtle. you don't want to overdo it with the green .

>> all right.

>> so the first one is fabric button earrings and cuff links . i don't know if you've ever seen this cover button kit.

>> no.

>> but it's an easy way to make your own fabric buttons. grab any sort of fabric, cut out a circle, you place the fabric on top of this button cover here, grab your button, press down. and all you have to do is actually tuck in the rest of the fabric into the button and add in the final back. press down pretty hard and once you remove it, look, you can see here. there you go.

>> and it hooks into here?

>> yeah, you add the fabric -- earrings to the back of them to create earrings and we make cuff links for the guys.

>> you're liking the head bands this year?

>> every woman has ribbon and hair elastics at their house. cut them in half, measure about a foot or so of decorative ribbon, and you can see all of these beautiful head bands here. again, it's a little pop of color. you don't need to go crazy with the green .

>> okay.

>> next up, color blocking, i don't know if you've been paying attention to the runways. this is a big trend.

>> very carefully.

>> we're taking the color blocking to your shoes, green shoes to be exact. we've got green flats here. you put a plastic bag on and spray paint them gold. you can do the tips, the heels.

>> just hardware store spray paint ?

>> yeah, super easy. great way to class up your heels or flats.

>> and keep that look after st . paddy's day?

>> something you wear year round.

>> cool.

>> moving to the guys.

>> what do we got here?

>> these are last-minute if you're in a pinch. see what i did there?

>> yeah. amazing.

>> the tie bar . this is something i didn't know was popular. so we've actually used paper clips and nothing but this cord ribbon and all you do is tie a knot around your paper clips and start wrapping. and you can see at the end -- that's a paper clip ?

>> this is a paper clip .

>> very cool.

>> isn't that amazing?

>> may i?

>> yes, of course. and you can use the same with these little piles really, really simple way to go green .

>> and if you want to go next level, bow tie .

>> if you don't have your own tie, you can create a bow tie . again, last minute, if you have ribbon left over or even a scarf, you tie it in a bow, wrap it around your neck and make for a fun little tie to wear on st . patrick's day.

>> that might be alittle aggressive. i think we'll start with the tie clip and go from there.

>> moving on food to wash down the beer, of course. this is a fun thing i found on pinterest. put your cupcake liners in the tin, use marbles, put in food coloring and creates these shamrock cup cakes. we decorated them with frosting and punch straws.

>> this is wonderful. i introduced you to the concept of hombre.

>> yeah, i didn't know it until you. now we do it with hair and now --

>> hair, fashion, and now pretzels.

>> it's the lighter shade of a color to the dark shade of the color. like the gradient effect. we made it here. using white candy melts. melt them up, add food color to get a darker version of the green and we topped it off with yummy green circles.

>> i like that. i want to get to the beers. tell me quickly about the bottles.

>> yeah. quickly if you want to dye your white flowers green , put more food coloring in the water. and use painters tape and gold spray paint to put interesting patterns. water, beer, all you need there.

>> let's talk business here. we've got green beer here.

>> how did you crease this?

>> we create this?

>> it's food coloring . we created a pretty chevron pattern. it is all about the beer this sunday.

>> take a regular beer, couple of drops in.

>> tastes the same, i promise.