TODAY   |  March 14, 2013

How to look five years younger instantly

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal demonstrates how you can use blush, powder, and more to look more youthful without the help of plastic surgery.

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>>> this morning on "today's" beauty. what every woman wants to know. how to look five years younger in an instant. a celebrity make-up artist and president of mally beauty. good to see you.

>> good morning, gorgeous. how are you?

>> i'm fantastic. is this easier said than done?

>> absolutely. just these little secrets and tips. all you have to do is know how to do them, do them every single day and they will take five years off you.

>> it won't cost us a fortune and we don't need surgery, right?

>> no, honey, that's not how we play.

>> all right. and you still look amazing. always beautiful and these are tips you actually apply to your make-up?

>> absolutely. for myself every day i'm 41, always trying to find these cute little ways to make you look fierce instantly. are.

>> okay. let's get to our first proof in the pudding. the first model, let's look at her before picture. shayla 63 years old, here she is now. what did you do?

>> here we go. ready? for me, the rule is this. it is all about the translucent powder being the enemy. oh, girlfriend. hello.

>> there she is.

>> thank you. but look again how beautiful her skin looks. that's what we want to keep. translucent powder is the enemy, will make you look older instantly.

>> why?

>> because it sits in the wrinkles and fine lines and makes every pore look ten times bigger and looks dry and ashy. this is a clear powder. so when you use a clear powder, what it does, it does everything translucent powder wants to do without the nasty side effects . going to make your skin look amazing. fast, quick and easy without all of that cakiness.

>> she still has a glow.

>> absolutely. and if you have any warmth to your skin like you do, the sh.

>> you look beautiful .

>> let's look at our next before picture jen. she is 43 years old.

>> yes, ma'am.

>> you look beautiful now as well, jen. and here she is. let's look at the after.

>> flash that beautiful smile.

>> work it, girl.

>> okay. so, again, as we age, we all know we tend to lose color in the face. the cheeks, the lips, the whole nine yards. a beautiful pop of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. i call it the cinnamon bun method. little in the middle --

>> do we really smile when we apply?

>> yes, always on the apples of the cheeks like a beautiful little child . there we go, she got it and that gorgeous pop of lip color, that gorgeous pink. that that's going to make us look younger.

>> the three of us are quite arranged here.

>> yes, in fact, we can all wear it. a soft blue pink if that makes any sense. it has a little bit of a lilacy tone to it.

>> do you feel like you look five years younger?

>> i love it. yes. i really do.

>> i also noticed her eyebrows. we need to make sure they look a little more full?

>> absolutely. it's an instant way to make yourself look younger. thicker eyebrows, lifted eyebro eyebrows, that's going to make you look younger, as well.

>> you're so beautiful . thank you very much. and next up, let's look at the before picture of inga. apparently not disclosing her age because it's not on my paper. and there she is.

>> yeah, there you go. isn't it great?

>> and you focused on her eyes.

>> absolutely. about lifting the eyes, opening up the eyes, curling the lashes.

>> i've never used an eyelash curler . should we all be using?

>> hello! somebody get her an eyelash curler .

>> there's a walgreen's nearby.

>> exactly, take it, hold it right at the base of the lash and let the three-pump method. squeeze at the base to the tip. curl the lashes and hold them up and open. opening up the eyes instantly will make you look younger.

>> did you see the difference?

>> definitely.

>> did you have one before?

>> i did not.

>> we'll get a two for one discount. ladies, you look amazing. mally, always a pleasure.