TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

How to pick the perfect paint colors

Genevieve Gorder is a designer and paint expert who shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb the best way to choose paint colors. She also reveals that creamy blushes and charcoal grays are the “new neutrals,” and  shows ways you can jazz up entryways and hallways.

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>> bicycle crunches.

>> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

>> you won.

>>> we have to go. we'll be back!

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>>> okay. time for "today's home" and choosing the right paint colors, which is often more work and stressful than the actual painting itself.

>> here with tips and tricks to have you painting like a pro designer, and valspar paint color expert is genevieve gorer.

>> gorgeous, by the way.

>> so complimentary this morning. thank you.

>> i tell the truth.

>>> what's the biggest problem?

>> we have a lot to get through. the harde thing, i think, is choosing the right color. this is so overwhelming. and no one knows what to do, so they paint beige.

>> and there's lots of different beiges.

>> but they all seem to go with the -- this is a quick couple suggestions that work. the first being bring your swatches with you. bring your upholstery, a chunk of your floor, a piece of your countertop, so that when you get to the paint store, you can then compare and figure out how it works.

>> it works kind of well. i like the yellow a lot. valspar paint is running this wonderful guarantee now until october 7th . if you choose the wrong color, we'll replace it for free. if you change your mind, it's a great safety net , so --

>> that's a great idea.

>> people are terrified to make an idea.

>> people are paralyzed.

>> when you cover a room with something, it's so much different than when you saw a swatch like this.

>> ant you supposed to paint a small spot?

>> there is no science to it. but i would say, a bit bigger on the wall. watch how the light hits it all day long, because the color will change.

>> that's right.

>> don't do it at noon and think that's what it is. after you're doing, save your brushes, this is a lot of money that people throw away. clean your tools.

>> okay.

>> moving on.

>> the neutrals.

>> okay. new neutrals. everyone thinks of beige, beige, beige, but every -- grays are the coolest neutral. everyone loves a good gray. and you complement it with the accent bold colors, the mustard, you bring it into the flowers and the burgundied. this is actually a blush, not a beige, with pink undertones.

>> are you ready?

>> get over here.

>> what are we doing? this is how to paint the perfect stripe. . see the strips, peel it down at a 45-degree angle. you now how it decent raggy, paint with the base paint, create a seal.

>> no one is better than you.