TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

Wine as an energy drink? What the what?!

TODAY’s Sara Haines shares some of the kookiest and funniest photos sent in by viewers this week, including a clever ad for a barbecue joint, and a shameless plug in a fortune cookie.

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>> it's wines day wednesday. it's time for "what the what?" when we look at the unusual photos.

>> sarah haines sifted through the three of them and came up with these.

>> how is facebook?

>> people are liking it, but they're begging from a bark.

>> i said "woof".

>> that does not count. you need it to come from like here.

>> it needs one of those.

>>> okay. our first photo, this is actually the winner of the caption contest.

>> we loved that one.

>> last week we put up this photo, and the winning caption is from our fan vicki atkinson clark. "i wanted to be in the budweiser clydesdale commercial."

>> that's great.

>>> we'll reveal at the caption, but moving to the first photo, from dana hansen from peachtree city georgia. energy drinks fourth hour style.

>> i like it.

>> liz lester from centreville, ohio -- a good way to keep healthy is to eat more chinese food . just come back to business.

>> that's very clever.

>>> next up, a photo from deb darby. it's definitely not an advertisement "you can smell our butts for miles." kind of like the dog costumes.

>> those dog costumes have been around.

>> i mean it.

>>> finally jill oldford from newfoundland, pennsylvania submitted this one -- are they trying to appeal to the men's demographic?

>> our panties are half off.

>>> and here's the photo for the caption contest next week. it's from kristina --

>> that's a great one.

>> you know he's watching hoda bark.

>> she hasn't done it yet.

>> watching the friday show.

>> that's true.

>> that's the one.

>> you mean that one?

>>> thank you, darling.

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