TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

Dinner tonight: Budget-friendly roasted chicken

Bon Appetit’s Allie Lewis Clapp shares a quick, budget-friendly meal you can make using just one pan: roasted chicken thighs with lemon and oregano.

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>>> this morning in today's kitchen, what's for dinner? a budget friendly one-man meal. allie louis clapp is food editor for bon appetit .

>> thighs are the new breasts.

>> are you a thigh man now?

>> i am now.

>> it's true. that is breast-obsessed culture and it's really alling about the thighs.

>> the thighs are cheaper.

>> they are cheaper.

>> they taste better.

>> they don't dry out. they're moist and with these boneless skinless chicken thighs, they cook as fast as a breast.

>> so you're sauteing them in a pan.

>> olive oil, salt and pepper .

>> and slicing up lemon . how come?

>> we are in love with lemon .

>> is lemon the new lime?

>> i can't go that far.

>> all right.

>> we are all big lemon fans.

>> just slices?

>> i will save this half to finish the sauce. scatter these over. i browned these for five or six minutes.

>> both sides?

>> just on the bottom. the whole skill let goes in the oven. you need an oven proof skill let. we call it pan roasting. if you don't have one, get a skill let that goes in the oven so the handle isn't plastic. it's great to sear things. put the skill let in the oven.

>> you have done that for six, seven minutes.

>> exactly. pull out the chicken. this is a quick pan sauce .

>> you have left the lemon in?

>> you see all the delicious browned bits?

>> the fonde.

>> oh, my. quite a vocabulary.

>> i used to watch the fonde on "happy days." i'm sorry.

>> that's all right. i'll laugh for you. this is deglazing over a low flame. you want to scrape all the brown bits up. a little bit of white wine . cook it down for a minute. add in chicken broth . and i forgot all this stuff.

>> shallots, garlic, red pepper flake. that was supposed to happen before anything wet happened.

>> we won't tell.

>> we're faking it anyway. so it doesn't matter.

>> you end up with this beautiful sauce.

>> nice.

>> you put it right over.

>> so you made a pan sauce .

>> look how thick it is with the chicken broth and wine cooks down. it's beautiful.

>> lovely.

>> that goes right over top. we can squeeze a little bit of extra lemon on top if you like, put it in the sauce or over top for some fresh lemon flavor. the cooked lemon flavor is amazing. you have two flavors coming out of the same thing. simple salad. whatever you want on the side. rice, couscous, whatever.

>> what's back here?

>> another ode to chicken thighs. this is a simple ka bob. the marinade is yogurt, coriander and cilantro. blend it up. broil it, make some salsa. we have cucumber, scallion, chilies, lemon juice .

>> hi! this smells amazing.

>> that's it. a little bit of salt and pepper . that's pretty easy. again, we love lemon .

>> nice.

>> right over top.

>> delicious.

>> fantastic.

>> thank you.

>> thank you so much. good to see you again. remember,