TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

What’s the most annoying email sign-off?

The TODAY anchors debate a recent article that proclaims it’s time to do away with email sign-offs like “cheers” and “best regards” in favor of simply signing your name.

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>> this is a good one. take three, the end of the e-mail sign off. says it's time to do away with at the end of the e-mail writing, best, regards, warmly or xoxo and just write your name. it's an old tradition from the time of writing letters. best regards, regards, respectfully yours, warmly, cheers, xoxo, sincerely yours .

>> why is that bad?

>> it's redundant is the argument.

>> gee, let's be polite. sorry.

>> sometimes i put a greeting at the end. other times i just send it. but i feel if i just send it that it's very abrupt p.

>> depends on the audit a yens, too.

>> if they know you, you're not dissing them.

>> you often sign off e-mails, i hate you, or out. that sends a different message.

>> or g.o.a.t. greatest of all times. that rubs people the wrong way.

>> i don't see anything wrong with it.

>> niceties are one thing. this is advocating getting rid of hi and hello. just a straight up, here's the message.

>> cut to the chase .

>> p hit reply.

>> i do it a lot. get straight to the message. if you're in communication with the person regularly it should be like, here's a quick note.

>> oh, gosh. you know.

>> there is one. the cheers where we have become pseudo british, i don't know about that. do you know what