TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

Bringing retro style into the 21st century

From the white popped-collar shirts of the ‘80s to mod ‘60s style, everything old is new again. TODAY contributor Jill Marin shows how to bring back the best of past decades with fashion, beauty, toys, and candy.

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>>> i love the graphics. on jill 's must haves, everything old is new again. from the pop collar shirts to big hair , the looks from the past are back. jill , good morning. you are channelling your inner lisa welchel from " facts of life ," blair. you're doubling down in the denim.

>> i'm stuck in the '80s. i have the denim shirt and the jeans.

>> you look good. i like it. we're going back in time. everything old is new again starting with the 60s.

>> seeing more mod fashion. the polka-dots are back in a major way.

>> and with updated versions. you see scarves from echo design, go has the shoe. don't mix and match too much. wear it with a basic outfit but the mod look is in again.

>> and keds reinvent themselves every decade. they go way back.

>> back to 1916 . they kept reinventing themselves. look how great they are. doing collaborations with kate spade , madewell. they have new spring colors. taylor swift . look at the baby ones.

>> oh, my gosh. hello kitty . adorable.

>> and the white ones. adorable.

>> slinky. this is a toy we played with. they're back.

>> i love this. invented in 1945 . original price was a dollar. anyone with stairs could use this toy and afford it which was great. 1960s . in 2013 at walmart, $3 to $10 you can get all the new.

>> me the i don't know.

>> -- neon.

>> and card games are back. old maid, crazy 8s .

>> they are so much fun. go fish. also at walmart. this is a classic game. the classic deck of cards.

>> keep the kids away from angry birds.

>> back to the basics.

>> okay.

>> and the candy we all love. remember the candy necklaces.

>> remember these?

>> forget the soda ban. you can get a retro look and put different packages together.

>> jordache jeans for $16 at walmart. heidi klum is working with the brand. and hill shorts for all ages. now they are even putting babies back to the 70s.

>> tie dye is still hot.

>> and then the ez bake oven reinvented.

>> they make terrible cookies.

>> erica in the control room said i still cook with these. doesn't have a lightbulb. easy to put in. they have whoopie-pies now. and new play-doh. it's funny to see our toys back.

>> look at the candy. we are really going to the '80s here with the joystick, pac-man.

>> all the retro candy. it's a shop in brooklyn that i love. going back including neon.

>> we have been seeing this trend. i hesitate, but it's good in small doses.

>> also really useful. we shouldn't be wearing this all together. not that we're not youthful.

>> you crushed me, jill .

>> i'm right there. go jane. they have different neon. h & m. all different versions. use it sparingly.

>> reunite on ice, so nice. would you like to try it? is it good?

>> screw top wine. you can't go wrong. reinvented. $6 in grocery stores .

>> that's sweet.

>> it's back. everyone was singing the jingle down stairs. flavored makeup. remember the tinses? this is great. love it. and the boom box also back in a different way. joseph said he yous it on the beach. it's blue tooth and wireless. are you putting it on your shoulder? you're going to rock it. in your eyes the light the heat

>> now you don't come in and sing.

>> from "say anything," right? john cusack holding up the boom box , best scene ever.

>> e we all remember the