TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

Hotels change reward programs, require more points

Some of the biggest hotel chains are making major changes in how you book rooms with reward points. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports on the changes and how you can still get a deal if you act now.

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>>> on rosen reports why your next vacation may get more expensive. some of the big hotel changes are making changes in reward programs you use to book rooms. good morning, jeff. won't go over well with the people who are loyal to these chains.

>> they were talking about points program. people spend a lot of time building up enough points to take the next family vacation perhaps and get a free night. many of the most popular hotel chains in the country are changing their policies. many hotels now are charging you more points to stay for a free night. some are going down.

>> give pe examples on how much pr difficult, how much loyalty you have to show to get a free night.

>> you have to show more love. we want to get to the chains doing this first like starwood, westin and intercontinue fen tall hotels. if you belong to programs in wnndham, hilton or marriott there is still time .

>> if i book a room for six, eight months from now as long as i book it before the change goes into effect i still have the old system.

>> exactly. that's the way to beat the system. why we wanted to do the story today. those chains are starting later the week. if you book today you can slip in even if you get a vacation next summer or winter.

>> it is all about money, right? if those hotel chains keep you from getting a free room the room remains empty and they can sell it to a paying customer.

>> experts say the hotel chains want to pour water on the program to keep more paying kpers available. the hotels say we re-evaluate every year. but experts say this is the most dramatic increase they have seen in a while. we brought examples of what it will take. take the wyndham cane like days inn , ramada and howard johnson 's. say you want the garden inn no new york city . today it costs 16,000 points to book it. after tomorrow it will nearly double up to 30,000 points for the same room. at the hilton in miami, standard room, if you book today it costs 50,000 points. after march 28 , 80,000.

>> dramatic difference.

>> a huge change e at thousands of hotels.

>> you have a cheat sheet so people can see where today stand.

>> cheat sheets can give you an example of where you want to go. as we mentioned some hotels are going down. it pays to wait because the change in policy could help you. so go to, click on the rossen reports section, check the hotel you want to go to and see if it pays to book now or wait.

>> great information. the programs are